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Abus Granit Futura Mini U-Lock

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Abus Granit Futura Mini U Lock

abus granit futura mini u lock   Abus Granit Futura Mini U Lock

A funky and minimalistic lock springs to mind with the new Abus Granit Futura Mini, which measures 21 x 12 cm and weighs less than 700 grams.

While it might look inferior, its actually tougher than it looks, strong enough to resist even big bolt cutters. This assures you that your with the Futura, you’ll still find your bike where you left it no matter the circumstance.

The downside to this nifty new lock from Abus is that it does not ship with a mount, but that might have been the main point by the company. This is to help keep the lock mobile enough to be placed your pocket after usage.

It is currently priced at $90 and available online….

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Abus Bordo X-Plus 6500

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Abus Bordo X Plus 6500

abus bordo x plus 6500 278x300   Abus Bordo X Plus 6500Abus Security Tech of Germany came out with their latest bicycle foldable lock, the Abus Bordo X-Plus 6500. It is a device made of special hardened lock body and closing bolt. The folding device is 5.5mm hardened steel bars and covered with anti-scratch plastic. Its massive links connecting the bars are saw resistant.

The Granit Bordo X-Plus 6500 foldable lock has an anti-sliding mechanism with a total length of 85cm. A transport bag goes along with it that has a flexible mounting feature integrated with rappel prevention. It could be easily mounted on any part of the bike frame as suited accessible to the rider.

The Bordo 6500 has a lighted key and a patented design X-Plus Cylinder. The lock itself is of high level resistance against picking from would-be bike thieves. It offers keyed alike solutions supplemented with a code card for replacement keys.

It is user friendly and easy…

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Tec-Tical helmet from Abus

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Tec Tical helmet from Abus

Tec Tical helmet from Abus 75x300   Tec Tical helmet from Abus

Abus most advanced helmet in its line is called Tec-Tical. Lightweight to meet the demands of cyclists, the Tec-Tical is 250 grams in a medium size (54-58 cm) and 265 grams in a large (58-62 cm). For durability: a fusion of multi shell in-mold for its outer shell and maximum absorption material for shock (EPS).

Tec-Tical uses ZoomPro for precise cranial fit adjustment. This is a racheting system that secures the helmet to the back of its users head and allows for size adjustment with its half ring system. It also has 14 air inlets and 9 outlets to give you the best ventilation. All of the vents are fused together with air stream channels.

The padding for Tec-Tical can be removed and is washable. Practical sliders are also in place for easy adjustment. The Tec-Tical helmet is available in colors of velvet black, polar matt, asphalt grey and team. Tec-Tical is…

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Abus Steel-O-Flex Cable Lock

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Abus Steel O Flex Cable Lock

abus steel o flex cable lock   Abus Steel O Flex Cable LockBikes can be of great worth these days too that you must have the right tools to secure and protect it from possible theft. The Abus Steel-o-Flex Cable lock is the perfect tool to help you out in preventing instances of getting your ride stolen. 

The Abus Steel-o-Flex Cable lock is made up of 80cm coil and known in the market to be the strongest lock in its series of locks. It has always been a favorite lock of many especially in areas where crime rate is very high. Each part of the cable lock is securely hardened to make it very resistant to all kinds of possible physical attack. 

Considering that it is made out of very hard material, it is also still very flexible since you can wrap it around your bike’s frames with such ease and convenience. You can also bring it along with you anywhere you may go…

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