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2012 661 Dirt Lid BMX Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 661 Dirt Lid BMX Helmet

2012 661 dirt lid bmx helmet   2012 661 Dirt Lid BMX Helmet

A new cycling helmet designed specifically for BMX riders called Dirt Lid has been released by 661 for 2012. By integrating the latest technology to high-quality cycling items, the 661 designers were able to create a helmet that offers outstanding protection and maximum comfort.

Combining safety and light weight, the Dirt Lid is a dirt/street-style helmet that features a 3-Pad fit kit. Thus, it can accommodate all types of riders in terms of size. Durability is guaranteed by the helmet’s ABS plastic outer shell and EPS foam inner shell with removable cloth liner padding.

Wearing the 2012 661 Dirt Lid BMX Helmet is one of the ways to stay safe and comfortable during intense rides. Packed with state-of-the-art features, this BMX helmet meets several bicycle helmet standards.


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2012 661 Elite and Evo Bomber Shorts

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 661 Elite and Evo Bomber Shorts

2012 661 elite and evo bomber shorts   2012 661 Elite and Evo Bomber Shorts

Ideal for mountain bike shorts or pants are the 2012 661 Elite and Evo Bomber Shorts. To effectively protect the rider from impact, the shorts have a closed-cell foam strategically placed in the thigh and the hip areas as well as nylon and EVA foam-laminated tail-bone pads.

Featuring a new vented four-way stretch flexible body and built-in chamois, the Elite Bomber padded undershorts are very comfortable, flexible and lightweight. Hip protection is enhanced by its embossed hard foam. Also, slipping off is not a problem because the shorts are not slippery.

Protection from impact is also provided by the Evo Bomber race and riding undershorts thanks to its hi-tech D30 material in garment’s hips and tailbone areas. During impacts, the pads are kept in place by the Lycra shorts while the quad area is protected by the lightweight EVA foam.

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2011 661 ReCon Helmet

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 661 ReCon Helmet

2011 661 recon   2011 661 ReCon Helmet

Designed to be a mountain bike helmet, the 2011 661 Recon helmet allows for fewer components and has a 303g weight.

The helmet features a rear extended coverage, which was specifically designed to have a Moto profile. Everything is held down by a Detox fit system that can be easily adjusted.

Ventilation and airflow isn’t an issue with the help of 18 intake vents designed around the helmet that keeps your head cool. Meanwhile, active ventilation is done within the helmet thanks to the smart internal channeling placed inside the helmet.

An optional removable moto inspired visor is also part of the package, which is completed by matte finished graphics coupled with an adjustable nylon strap system and a quick release buckle closure.

The 2011 661 ReCon Helmet is currently priced at $102.00. …

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