pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Crank Brothers 5050 Pedals

2012 crank brothers 5050 pedals   2012 Crank Brothers 5050 Pedals

Crank Brothers has released several new cycling products for 2012, which include the 5050 pedals. Across all pedal models, there are consistent parts and clear names with level 1 as brand entry and level 11 as elite. Spindle strength is increased by 50% and all spindles are suitable for all pedals.

While the aesthetics of the 5050 pedals are remarkable, the body construction uses polycarbonate and aluminum and the two-piece platform design is made slimmer to reduce weight and increase durability. Also used are inner bearings and 10mm pins.

All of the 2012 Crank Brothers 5050 Pedals can be fully rebuilt. Instead of bushings, needle bearings are used by the 3 and 11 level pedals. While leak paths are eliminated, sealing of these new flat pedals are significantly enhanced, thanks to its new construction.

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