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3T Zefiro Aero Handlebar Combines Road Drop Bars with Aero Wing

pinit fg en rect gray 20   3T Zefiro Aero Handlebar Combines Road Drop Bars with Aero Wing

3t zefiro aero handlebar combines road drop bars with aero wing   3T Zefiro Aero Handlebar Combines Road Drop Bars with Aero Wing

A combination of Ergonova bend drops, Pi wing extension, and Mistral aero flat tops is the latest offer of the new 3T Zefiro Aero Handlebar model. While it is design for ultimate speed, this handlebar also combines control with power for climbing and sprinting.

Outfitted with a hand support, the Pi WingTM bar extension is uniquely designed and its length can be adjusted. The shape of this bar extension is aero and very ergonomic. Comfort is maximized as the hands and wrists can rest on the aerofoil hand rest in a usual position. Also, the upper surface of the basebar has silicon pads, on which the forearms can rest.

Available in PRO, TEAM, and LTD versions, the 3T Zefiro is ideal for short-course triathlon, century, and sportive cycling.


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2011 3T Rotundo Team Carbon Handlebar

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 3T Rotundo Team Carbon Handlebar

2011 3t rotundo team carbon handlebar   2011 3T Rotundo Team Carbon Handlebar

A veteran of various cycling events and racing circuits, the 2011 3T Rotundo Team Carbon Handlebar is an excellent handlebar that has brought about success wherever it goes thanks to its design and materials.

This new creation from 3T combines things that pro cyclists would like on their bike handlebars. The 3T Rotundo is lightweight, stiff and oversized. The Rotundo has taken up a similar design like that of the popular 3T “Merckx Bend”, which includes a medium-drop handlebar with a fairly square top. The design incorporating the round bends have been placed because they offer more hand positions, which helps in giving better control and comfort.

The 3T Rotundo Team has 139mm of drop and 82.6mm of reach and has 31.8mm oversized stems. The handlebar’s center sections can also take any punishment that the clip-on aerobars can give out.

The 2011 3T Rotundo Team Carbon Handlebar is currently priced…

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3T Scatto Ltd Track Bar

pinit fg en rect gray 20   3T Scatto Ltd Track Bar

3t scatto ltd track bar 300x187   3T Scatto Ltd Track Bar

For the tough and rough racer, there is the 3T Scatto Ltd track bar. It bears the original geometric design very much similar to that of the Sphinx. It is, however, supped up in stiffness to aid in the case of dire and punishing track maneuvers.

The Scatto and the Sphinx share the latest aerofoil top wing with a unique forward sweep and symmetrical section. The round section handholds, or drops of the Scatto act as wingtips, dangling by a narrow vertical strut. It provides less wind resistance to the wing and struts, which secures the handholds during fast-breaking sprints.

The 3T Scatto Ltd carbon track bar is lightweight. It is much lighter than that of an alloy or chromo sprint bar and has a much better aerodynamic rating. Price: £ 254.99 inclusive of VAT….

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2011 3T META Chainset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 3T META Chainset

2011 3t meta chainset 300x238   2011 3T META ChainsetShown at Eurobike, 3T unveils its new chainset for 2011 called META. The 2011 3T META Chainset was the product of FEA or finite-element analysis. This is when determination of the most needed materials were carefully chosen to meet the standard and design which 3T deemed as optimal to give you the quality chainset you would need. The META chainset is made with the most minimum of materials yet still retains the degree of stiffness needed. It also saves weight by 30%, giving you a lighter and stiff chainset.

The technical director from 3T Richard McAinsh, further explains what 3T set out to accomplish with its new product which will come out in 3 versions, Ltd., Team and Pro.

“An important driver in reducing weight was to eliminate the bulky ‘boss’ at the center of the crank spider. We did this by separating the crank and the axle. The axle…

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3T Ventus Aerobar Worldwide Recall

pinit fg en rect gray 20   3T Ventus Aerobar Worldwide Recall

3t ventus aerobar worldwide recall   3T Ventus Aerobar Worldwide Recall

A worldwide voluntary recall of the VENTUS Aerobar was released by its manufacturer 3T. It was found out that when the bar is used in humid, wet or salty weather conditions, the rubber hand grips becomes loose on its handholds and can possibly cause accidents.

3T will be sending a pair of redesigned replacement grips and adhesive to owners of any model Ventus aerobar free of charge. You can install this on your own or you visit a 3T dealer to do it for you. This service is also free.

You are qualified for the fix as long as you own a Ventus. The voluntary recall in the US is being managed together with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. Worldwide recall is being managed solely by 3T.

Ventus aerobar owners can also go online for the replacement kit. The website is

Rene Weirtz, CEO of 3T was sorry about the incident. He…

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Meyer Will Use 3T The Sphinx Handlebars

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Meyer Will Use 3T The Sphinx Handlebars

meyer will use 3t the sphinx handlebars   Meyer Will Use 3T The Sphinx Handlebars

Cameron Meyer of Team Garmin-Transitions will be using a new handlebar from 3T for the track world championships in Australia.

The new product is called the Sphinx. It has a flat aero, top section that rises before curving downwards. Thin aero profiles are found in between the end of the hooks and the bends of this UCI-friendly bar.

The handlebar was named the Sphinx for the flat forearm position of points of racers. 3T developed this item with Meyer.

Richard McAinsh, a technical director of 3T, explains how they worked with Meyer on the conception of the handlebar. “We know Cameron through Team Garmin-Transitions. He came to us and explained how he rides the points race, alternating between level high speed and all-out sprinting. We saw the chance to use a new UCI-compliant aerofoil we were developing.”

A rider can somehow copy a road position with the raised bends. The wrists are positioned on…

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