pinit fg en rect gray 20   2x2 Worldwide x Land Rover Road Bike Launched

2x2 worldwide land rover road bike launched   2x2 Worldwide x Land Rover Road Bike Launched

2×2 Worldwide and the company known for producing cars have now launched their own road bike, known as the Race which retails for about $783 USD. Initially when the 2010 Land Rover x 2×2 Worldwide bike range launched in September, the company had excellent feedback on the flat bar commuter bikes, and while many asked for a road bike, it was not time for the release.

2×2 Worldwide “The Race” road bike uses a 7005 aluminum frame, 16 speed Shimano STI’s, carbon fork, Mavic rims, and Shimano chain set. Like previously stated, the retail price of about $783 USD feels nice with what you get, a great way for beginner cyclists to receive a huge bang for their buck. Pre orders have already started with 80% of The Race road bikes already sold, and will ship out in the next couple of weeks.

Source: RoadCyclingUK

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