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Giant 2011 29er Mountain Bikes

giant 2011 29er mountain bikes   Giant 2011 29er Mountain Bikes

Giant has two new up and coming bikes in 2011. These are single speeds under their sub-grand category.

The Talon 29er 1 has a hydro-formed aluminum “Alux” frame. The suspension fork used is the SR “Raidon 29”. The lock out has 100mm travel with a 15QR Giant branded hub.

The brakes used for the Talon 29er 1 are “ROOT” hydraulic brakes. It also has a SRAM X-5 shifting gear and comes in sizes small, medium, large and extra large. The geometric design is similar to Giant’s XTC 29”er line. The Talon 29er 1 has a head tube of approximately 70.5 angles, matching the 73 degree set tube angles.

The Talon 29er 2 shares the hydro-formed “Alux” frame specifications as with the Talon 29er 1. Some differentiation are the SRAM X-4 shifting and the SR “XTC 29” for the fork which also gives lockout with 100mm travel. Unlike the Talon 29er 1 which…

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Ragley TD-1 29er 2010 Mountain Bike Frame

ragley td 1 29er 2010 mountain bike frame   Ragley TD 1 29er 2010 Mountain Bike Frame

Ragley first launched about a year ago by none other than Richard Shedfire, and now they are releasing the new Ragley TD-1 29er frame for 2010. For 2010 the Ragley TD-1 29er is aimed towards a 440mm fork, which is different since most 29 inch mountain bikes use a 470 to 490mm fork. By using a shorter fork, this drops the handlebars by 30 – 50mm, allowing a better racing position.

The Ragley Ragley TD-1 29er 2010 frame is built by a familiar name Lynskey Performance, while each frame is manufactured in the USA. Featuring sliding dropouts, horizontal oval top tube, and curved seat tube. Presented is a aluminum model, but a retail friendly steel version will also release to accommodate your budget. Pre orders can now be placed from Ragley retailers, and holds a retail price of about $1,800 USD.

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Lynskey Titanium 29er Frames 2010

lynskey titanium 29er frames 2010   Lynskey Titanium 29er Frames 2010

2010 Lynskey Performance brings us two titanium mountain bike 29er frames, which they did some reconstruction. Known as the Pro 29 and Ridgeline 29, price is $1,995 and $1,595 for a natural satin finish. The Lynskey Pro 29 and Ridgeline 29 features optional slider dropouts and is available in S, M, L, and XL. Starting out in 1999, but known as Litespeed, but in 2005 opened Lynskey.

Source: Bike Radar

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Scott 29er 2010 Mountain Bike

scott 29er 2010 Mountain Bike   Scott 29er 2010 Mountain Bike

Some have asked over time, “When will Scott release a hardtail mountain bike“? Well, to answer your question, in 2010! We have a preview of the Scott 29er 2010 Mountain Bike that is available in a beautiful green, white, and black. Indeed a solid mountain bike, the Scott 29er 2010 contains XT “mid grade” products, so your not getting the top of the line hardtail, nor scrapping the bottom of the barrel. Newly introduced worldwide, MSRP is $1,499.

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