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2012 Stolen Saint 24in BMX Bike

2012 stolen saint 24in bmx bike   2012 Stolen Saint 24in BMX Bike

Stolen Bikes has introduced its special edition of a 24in BMX bike called Saint for 2012. With carefully selected components, this new BMX bike offers not only reliable quality but simple and cool aesthetics, as well.

Featuring a larger frame with larger wheels, the Saint makes it easier to cruise. Low maintenance and long-lasting quality are guaranteed by its modern parts, which include aftermarket Cell Block handle bars and micro gearing.

Built from a high-quality frame, the 2012 Stolen Saint 24in BMX Bike only weighs approximately 12kg. Its 100% chromoly main frame comes with 100% chromoly Cyclone fork, MID BB shell, Campy head tube, integrated seat clamp, and mini 5mm dropouts.

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2012 Novara Moxie 24in Bike for Kids

2012 novara moxie 24in bike for kids   2012 Novara Moxie 24in Bike for Kids

A new bike for kids made for daily adventures is the Moxie 24in, released by Novara for 2012. This bike has a lot of child-friendly feature to take pride in, such as its easy-to-use Tektro linear-pull brakes, which are very powerful and reliable.

Thanks to the 21-speed drivetrain, as well as the smooth Shimano derailleurs, there are many gear options to choose from when handling ups and downs. Incredibly lightweight, the Moxie 24in’s 6061 aluminum frame features excellent responsiveness and durability so kids can easily manage the bike.

With its quick-release front wheel, the 2012 Novara Moxie 24in Bike for Kids can be easily transported in the car or on top. While this bike firmly grips in the dirt, it smoothly rolls on the streets as well, thanks to its Kenda tires that feature a sturdy multi-use tread design.

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2012 Novara Ponderosa 24in Mountain Bike for Kids

2012 novara ponderosa 24in mountain bike for kids   2012 Novara Ponderosa 24in Mountain Bike for Kids

For 2012, Novara has released a new 24in mountain bike for kids called Ponderosa. This rugged machine features a strong suitably and sized 6061 aluminum frame. To reduce weight without compromising the strength, the frame is double-butted meaning it is narrow toward the middle and thick at the ends.

Perfect fit and reliable comfort is given by the Velo Junior saddle to the small frame of the Ponderosa. Function and durability are nicely balanced by the SRAM 3.0 derailleurs. To make its stopping power reliable and fast, the bike has Tektro linear-pull brakes.

Smaller adults and children can ride singletrack comfortably with the 2012 Novara Ponderosa 24in Mountain Bike for Kids. Lugged and durable, the Wellgo platform pedals provide a good grip to the shoes of the small rider, whether it is for flat-land speed or hill climbing.

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2012 Hotrock 24in 7-Speed Boys Kids Mountain Bike

2012 hotrock 24in 7 speed boys kids mountain bike   2012 Hotrock 24in 7 Speed Boys Kids Mountain Bike

For 2012, one of the most exciting mountain bikes especially created for kids is the Hotrock 24in 7-Speed Boys. This new bike is the ideal machine for kids who are fond of outback rides and whooshing around the campground.

With a low stand over height, the A1 Premium aluminum ATB frame of this kiddie bike offers a space for a full-sized water bottle and makes starts more relaxed. Kids can perfectly fit in the durable and comfortable saddle, which is engineered with kid’s body geometry.

Both dirt and streets can be tackled well by the 2012 Hotrock 24in 7-Speed Boys Kids Mountain Bike, thanks to its 50mm-travel suspension fork that handles bumps with more control and its tires with strong grip and smooth rolling that make rolling on the street easier.

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