pinit fg en rect gray 20   24 Hour Bike Shop Can Save You at Night

24 hour bike shop can save you night   24 Hour Bike Shop Can Save You at Night

Have you ever been out and about and all of a sudden you get a flat? To make matters worse, all bike stores are closed, and your far away from home. So what do you do? You hope your in range of the 24 Hour Bike Shop, a vending machine that will get you back on the road.

The 24 Hour Bike Shop vending machines accept credit cards, so if your not carrying any cash, they have you covered. As of writing, vending machines are located in California, Colorado, Nevada, Texas, Vermont, Washington
and Maine.

In one of the bike boxes, you will receive tubes, patch kits, CO2, energy supplements, but you can order custom boxes as well. This is really cool, but in order for this to work successfully, they will need to add vending machines in more locations (Sacramento and Davis especially).

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