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2012 Vittoria Supra Mountain Bike Shoes

2012 vittoria supra mountain bike shoes   2012 Vittoria Supra Mountain Bike Shoes

Vittoria has released an entirely Italian-made shoes range for 2012, which includes the mountain bike shoes called Supra. Available in a new range of colors, the Supra provides riders who want to race in style with several choices.

In order to achieve excellent power and speed, this competition-level mountain has a solid and reliable platform. The CRS fastening system of the shoes use a precision buckle and body heat-moldable padding. Through this, riders can easily fine-tune fit.

Ideal for racers who have high demands is the 2012 Vittoria Supra Mountain Bike Shoes. With its topnotch features, the Supra is a useful weapon for mountain bike riders. These features include a MTB dual sole with high-grip polymer and removable traction spikes.

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2012 Diamondback Sortie 29er Bike

2012 diamondback sortie 29er bike   2012 Diamondback Sortie 29er Bike

One of the new 29er bikes to be released for 2012 is the Sortie from Diamondback. The 4.5” trail frame of the Sortie is a weapons-grade aluminum, which comes with a tapered head tube, knuckle box suspension platform, and 135x10mm vertical drop outs.

With impressive specs, the Sortie frame is a bruiser that tackles pretty much any terrain very well, especially because even with full XTR 3×10 and Easton EA70 wheels and cockpit, it weighs in at only 13.15kg.

Using Knucklebox suspension design, the 2012 Diamondback Sortie 29er Bike is built around 100mm in the rear and 120mm in the front. The design also offers 18” chain stays and uses a High Direct Mount front derailleur that makes the illusion of a loose seat angle though actually, it is around 72.5-73 degrees effective.

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2012 Crank Brothers 5050 Pedals

2012 crank brothers 5050 pedals   2012 Crank Brothers 5050 Pedals

Crank Brothers has released several new cycling products for 2012, which include the 5050 pedals. Across all pedal models, there are consistent parts and clear names with level 1 as brand entry and level 11 as elite. Spindle strength is increased by 50% and all spindles are suitable for all pedals.

While the aesthetics of the 5050 pedals are remarkable, the body construction uses polycarbonate and aluminum and the two-piece platform design is made slimmer to reduce weight and increase durability. Also used are inner bearings and 10mm pins.

All of the 2012 Crank Brothers 5050 Pedals can be fully rebuilt. Instead of bushings, needle bearings are used by the 3 and 11 level pedals. While leak paths are eliminated, sealing of these new flat pedals are significantly enhanced, thanks to its new construction.

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2012 Surly Moonlander Mountain Bike

2012 surly moonlander mountain bike   2012 Surly Moonlander Mountain Bike

One of the several surprises of Surly Bikes for 2012 is the new mountain bike called Moonlander. While the previous Pugsley bike is known for being a fat bike, the new Moonlander is even fatter. In order to do this, the bike used Clownshoe 100mm wide single wall rims.

Drilled out, the visible rim strip is available in multiple colors. On those 100mm rims rides the new Surly Big Fat Larry tire are around 4.5in wide. With the 28mm offset of the frame and the Mr. Whirly Offset Double (MWOD) crank, there is enough room for a large rubber even without chain rub.

With incredibly large tires and wide rims, the ultra fat 2012 Surly Moonlander Mountain Bike features remarkable floatation, traction, and minimum ground impact. The two fat bike tires are the assertively knobbed 3.8in wide Nate tire and the softer threaded Black Floyd tire that is ideal for…

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2012 Manitou Circus Expert Forks

2012 manitou circus expert forks   2012 Manitou Circus Expert Forks

One of the forks released by Manitou for 2012 is the Circus Expert, which is loaded with superior qualities. First off is its absolute damping tuned for dirt jump. Both its 32mm straight wall 7050 stanchions and steerer are aluminum and its crown is a forged aluminum, keeping the weight low.

With its pretty stiff spring, the fork is not excessively soft but is entirely open. The fork could be ridden either on dirt or park. Moreover, the Circus Expert features many adjustments, including the air preload, compression, lockout and rebound.

Weighing in at around 2kg, the 2012 Manitou Circus Expert Forks are extremely light. Its complete lockout only compresses under pretty big impacts. Aside from its light weight, the aesthetics and strength are excellent as well.

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2012 Raleigh Talus 29er Carbon Fiber Mountain bike

2012 raleigh talus 29er carbon fiber mountain bike   2012 Raleigh Talus 29er Carbon Fiber Mountain bike

Free from mechanical problems, the Talus is one of the top-quality 29er carbon fiber hardtail bikes released by Raleigh for 2012. Raleigh has loaded the Talus with state-of-the-art specs including Fox 32 F100 15mm QR, 3×10 SRAM XO, Easton cockpit and Easton EXC90 carbon-rimmed wheels.

Using a Direct Connect Evolution frame design, the top, down, and head tubes of this 29er hardtail bike are molded as a single piece while the other tubes are carbon welded, cut, and mitered. Other features include internal cable routing, the rear brake hose, and a decent clearance from the stays.

Another nice touch of the bike is the color-coordinated Avid XX two-piece rotors. Regardless of its huge bottom bracket junction, the 2012 Raleigh Talus 29er Carbon Fiber Mountain Bike adheres to a customary outboard BB.

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2012 Crank Brothers Handlebars

2012 crank brothers handlebars   2012 Crank Brothers Handlebars

Crank Brothers has updated its four handlebars for 2012. First off, the Cobalt and Iodine bars get a bigger collection of widths. Created from strong and lightweight carbon, an ultra wide 780mm is added in the 11 level.

The new level 1 cockpit comes in a Cobalt seat post and bar and Iodine bar and stem for entry level users. Getting an angle update and width increase are the added bars, Opium 3 and Sage 2, which measure in at a massive 780mm width and 9 degrees of back sweep as well as 15mm and 30mm rise heights.

While the iron-colored 290g Opium 3 bar uses 7050 aluminum, the 325g Sage 2 uses 2014 aluminum. Indeed, the Cobalt, Iodine, Opium, and Sage bars are nicely updated to make a high quality range of 2012 Crank Brothers handlebars.

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