pinit fg en rect gray 20   London’s 2012 Olympic Velodrome Underway

londons 2012 olympic velodrome underway   London’s 2012 Olympic Velodrome Underway

In 2012 London will be home to the Summer Olympics. The race has started early for some who are working on the construction of a state of the art Olympic Velodrome.

Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) officials are keen on emphasizing cycling in the 2012 Summer Olympics. Stadiums have been strategically placed to insure “cycling is at the heart of it” , confirms ODA project manager Richard Arnold.

The oddly shaped Velordrome will be located on the northern end of the park. Its design will enable the entire track to receive a continues flow of crowd cheer noise. Relative to other venues on the park, the Velordrome will be the greenest, partly through its natural ventilation by design.

The Velodrome is expected to be completed by 7 January 2011, making it the first building on the park for the Summer Olympics to be held in London.

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