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2011 Raleigh XXIX, XXIX+G 29er Mountain Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Raleigh XXIX, XXIX+G 29er Mountain Bikes

2011 raleigh xxix xxixg 29er mountain bikes   2011 Raleigh XXIX, XXIX+G 29er Mountain Bikes

Raleigh will release the XXIX and XXIX+G 2011 models shortly, both are popular amongst 29er enthusiast.

The Raleigh XXIX+G uses a 10 speed system with a mixture of Shimano components, and Fox F29 RL 100mm with 15mm Thru Axle. A clear coat raw finish is also applied, just like the XXIX. Polished rims and red parts pretty much sums up the XXIX+G for 2011. Retail price is not yet stated.

Up next we have the 2011 Raleigh XXIX 29er, a single speed mtb. Instead of making the frame and fork flashy, it will retain a raw finish, and minimal hints of green throughout. What you might not notice from the stock images, is the 2011 XXIX uses a Gates Carbon drive belt and cogs stock. Decals make the bike look like distressed, signifying the bike has been through a lot. MSRP has yet…

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2011 Yeti 575 25th Anniversary

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Yeti 575 25th Anniversary

2011 yeti 575 25th anniversary   2011 Yeti 575 25th Anniversary

Yeti is celebrating their 25th Anniversary with a special edition 575 for 2011, a limited edition that will release as a frameset and complete bike.

The Yeti 2011 575 25th Anniversary is limited to 250 (individually numbered). As you can see, Yeti took the original colors used of turquoise and yellow, plus dart design and graphics. Although a original look, you will ride with new age style with tapered head tube, ISCG mounts, mounted chain stay front derailleur, alloy chain stay design with thru axle.

Upon purchasing the Yeti 575 25th Anniversary frameset you will receive a Fox Float fork and headset. MSRP for the frameset is $2,999.

For the complete Yeti 575, which comes with the Enuro bike kit, features a Fox Float RLC FIT 15QR Tapered fork, Shimano XT 10 spd Dyna System groupset, and DT Swiss X1600 wheels. Retail price is $4,500.

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2011 Bianchi Oltre – High End Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Bianchi Oltre   High End Road Bike

2011 bianchi oltre high end road bike   2011 Bianchi Oltre   High End Road Bike

Bumping the 928 SL for the top model in the HoC series (Hors Category) is the newly introduced 2011 Bianchi Oltre, a high end road bike.

Fitting its name perfectly, the Oltre which means “Beyond Limit” features monocoque design constructed of high density carbon composite. This will adds to the stiffness for the Bianchi 2011 Oltre.

Bianchi has used a technology on the Oltre called CNT aka Carbon Nano Tube. CNT is epoxy resign and nano powder added for reduction in micro fractures. This adds overall durability by 49%, and 20% higher than the previous nano technology.

Also new from Bianchi is the X-TeX design around the head tube, which is basically internal molding shaping the inner walls of carbon, then abbreviations rise. The procedure increases stiffness, and resistance to impact. Best part, the weight stays the same.

A process known as WMP was executed, this reduces weight…

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2011 Fuji Altamira LTD, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fuji Altamira LTD, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0

2011 fuji altamira ltd 1 0 2 0 3 0   2011 Fuji Altamira LTD, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0

The Altamira, which translates too “high view” is a cave located in the Cantabria region of Northern Spain. This location is held highly by the Footon Servetto Fuji pro team, so low and behold the 2011 Fuji Altamira lineup.

The 2011 Fuji Altamira series features four road bikes, a LTD (Limited Edition), 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. The frame on the 2011 Altamira weighs 815 grams, which fits nicely with endurance riders, racers, or those that want their road bikes to be lean.

All four of the Fuji 2011 Altamira feature a tapered head tube for improved handling, oversized down tube and integrated seat stay for stiffness plus weight reduction.

The 2011 Fuji Altamira LTD is the tier model in the line, and uses the highest grade carbon, Shimano Di2 electronic shifters, and the graphics are prehistoric cave drawings that were found within the Altamira cave. MSRP has not been…

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2011 Colnago EPS Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Colnago EPS Road Bike

2011 colnago eps road bike   2011 Colnago EPS Road Bike

A favorite in the cycling world is back in 2011, the Colnago EPS. Still a force to reckon with, the 2011 EPS is though, light and a top tier performance road bike.

The Colnago 2011 EPS is constructed of lugged carbon fiber that allows flexibility in customizing, and available in 22 different sizes. Plus this year adds the EPS Di2.

Improvements are added to the tubes, which Colnago has made stronger by the cable passageways, and the Di2 addition has not interfered with the reliability and handling the EPS is use to.

Colnago had the cables routed inside the frame on the EPS, which adds to the overall sleek and smooth look.

Available in three different colors: white, red, and black. Colors are available according to location which is picked by Colnago.

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Royal Racing Java Jersey – Made with Coffee

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Royal Racing Java Jersey   Made with Coffee

royal racing java jersey made coffee   Royal Racing Java Jersey   Made with Coffee

Royal Racing launched a flip book for their 2011 line of clothing (which we will show shortly), but we felt these two jerseys needed some shine by itself. Royal Racing will release soon two jerseys, one short sleeve and long sleeve made with real coffee beans!

Known as the Royal Racing Java jerseys, each use a “SE Cafe” material that claims to combat odor and moisture. Comfort is still a big play, while the sleeves are pre-curved. Highlights are 1/4 zipp neck, mesh side panels, zipped pockets located at the rear, and flat locked stitching.

The short sleeve Royal Racing Java jersey comes in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL and colors Olive, Red, Charcoal. Long sleeve is available in Red, Black, and Burnt Orange with sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL.

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2011 Diamondback Mission 1, 2, 3, 4 Mountain Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Diamondback Mission 1, 2, 3, 4 Mountain Bikes

2011 diamondback mission 1 2 3 4 mountain bikes 1   2011 Diamondback Mission 1, 2, 3, 4 Mountain Bikes

Four bikes will release apart of the 2011 Diamondback Mission range, which are named accordingly (1, 2, 3, 4). Although retail specifics are not known, each of the Diamondback 2011 Mission bikes are priced in scale with the number, and components show. We will fill you in on the highlights below.

The 2011 Diamondback Mission 1 features Weapons Grade Aluminum Mission 6″ all mountain frame with knuckle box suspension platform, Fox 32 Float RL O/B 150mm fork, Fox Float RP23 XV Rear Shock, Truvativ Blaze 2 Speed with AM Guard crankset, MX 260D Wall Rims, and Hayes Stroker Ryde Hydraulic disc brakes. Available in Grey.

The Diamondback 2011 Mission 2 has the same Weapons Grade Aluminum frame, Fox front forks and rear suspension, but a few differences are added. The crankset is a Truvativ Fire-X Giga-X Pipe 2 speed with AM Guard, MX 260HD double wall rims…

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