pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Avid Elixir Disc Brakes

2012 avid elixir disc brakes   2012 Avid Elixir Disc Brakes

Avid’s 2011 Elixir disc brake models Elixir CR and Elixir R will have to make way for the new 2012 Avid Elixir disc brakes, Elixir 9 and Elixir 7. New features are noted such as the TaperBore system improved bleeding. Rotor sizes are now expanded to 140mm, 160mm, 180mm and 200mm. The bleed port and air trap feature for the Elixir 9 have been implemented with simplified bleeding, which makes it all interesting. Also the reach and contact adjustment, both for Elixir 7 and 9, is now tool-free and comes with a revised barrel adjuster. The caliper is now in a new two-piece material, too. These newly upgraded Avid Elixir disc brakes for 2012 are made to provide maximum high-performance as expected.

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