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Knolly Mountain Bike Frames 2010

knolly mountain bike frames 2010   Knolly Mountain Bike Frames 2010

The Knolly Mountain Bike Frames for 2010 look like your traditional full suspension mountain bike, but due the the exclusive colors and tech, Knolly sets the bar a bit higher for other companies. Featuring the patented Fourby4 linkage, allowing the 2010 Knolly Mountain Bike Frames to be stiff. The Podium and Delirium frames will release in March 2010, but the Endorphin and Endorphin XC are available now. Retail price starts at £1999.00.

Source: Dirtmountainbike

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THE One Full Face Helmets 2010

the one full face helmets 2010   THE One Full Face Helmets 2010

THE “One” Full Face Helmets 2010 are set to release in the next few weeks, and two materials are available; composite and carbon fiber. Using a full face helmet is beneficial when racing BMX or Mountain Bikes. Each THE One Full Face helmets have 15 air vents, Dual EPS Liner, 4 vent channels, Stainless Steel Double-D Ring Closure, Dry Cool Removable Liner, and each helmet comes with matching bag and visor. Retail for composite helmets are around $221, and the Carbon Fiber helmets are $340.

Source: Dirtmountainbike

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Sunday BMX 2010 Bikes

sunday bmx 2010 bikes   Sunday BMX 2010 Bikes

Low and behold, Sunday BMX has just launched their 2010 bike lineup images, except one, which is their top of the line model known as the Funday Pro. Here you can see the Funday EX (Expert), Funday AM (Amateur) and Model C. Both Funday’s are 20 inch BMX bikes, while the Model C is 24 inches. Each model is available in two different colors, while the bikes themselves range from beginner to professional riding styles.

Source: Vital BMX

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Milani Cycles 2010 Bikes

milani cycles 2010 bikes   Milani Cycles 2010 Bikes

Although the brand has produced Bikes starting in 1927, Milani Cycles relaunched in 2007 by Celeste Milani. For 2010, Milani Cycles features three types of bikes; race, vintage and special while each frame is still hand made. Starting from the Road Bike race lineup, available are the Acciaio Puro, the Specialissima, and N109. More exciting for commuters and even fixed gear riders, the vintage section basically takes past models and updates products for today’s riding style, but the Velocita’ Urbana pays tribute to the 1950′s and is manufactured with Columbus tubesets.

Source: Roadcyclinguk

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Profile Hub Guard 2010

profile hub guard 2010   Profile Hub Guard 2010

The 2010 Profile Hub Guard differs from past years, with this year taking on some upgrades. For example, they slimmed down the base on the guard, which will help fit on the frames that have smaller dropouts. Profile Hub Guard 2010 will only fit on 14mm, but is adaptable to High Flange, Totem Hubs and Profile Mini. Finished weight is 1.5 ounces, and as of now, you can purchase black, but coming soon are red, gold and blue.
Source: Profileracing

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Specialized Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses

helix optics 2010 road cycling glasses   Specialized Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses

Specialized’s Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses are more than your average pair of sunglasses. They feature Specialized’s cutting-edge Adaptalite lenses, which automatically adjusts to current light conditions. If you want a more simpler approach, the Specialized Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses are also made with non shifting dark state NXT lenses. These road optics have unique filters in the lenses, enhancing the color red for added safety. A molded megol nose piece and ear tabs hold the shades on comfortably. The Specialized Helix Optics 2010 Road Cycling Glasses are available in a variety of team color ways. Retail price for these shades ranges from $95 to $130. Head to the Specialized online store to purchase….

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Duffs 4130 Lo 2010 Sneakers

duffs 4130 lo 2010 sneakers   Duffs 4130 Lo 2010 Sneakers

The Duffs 4130 Lo 2010 Sneakers are durable and specially made for riding. The upper is made with quality leather and suede, with a perforated toe box for ventilation. The midsole is soft and flexible, and the outsole is made with soft rubber and offers better feedback. The rubber outsoles grip the pedal pins whether its wet or dry out, so you can still train in not-so-good weather conditions. The heel is cushioned to provide protection for foot slams. The Duffs 4130 Lo 2010 Sneakers retail for $81.46.

Via BikeRadar….

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