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Pedro Horrillo Slowly Recovering After Huge Crash at Giro

pedro horrillo slowly recovering from huge fall at giro   Pedro Horrillo Slowly Recovering After Huge Crash at Giro

Spanish cyclist Pedro Horrillo was seriously injured in a 180-foot fall in this year’s Giro d’Italia. Horrillo fell over a guard rail during stage 8, but he doesn’t know what actually caused the accident. Nobody saw him fall into the ravine, but other cyclists found his bike along the road. It took rescuers about 20 minutes to rescue Horrillo. As a result of the fall, Horrillo suffered from a broken femur, vertebrae, kneecap, and a punctured lung. Rabobank’s doctors said that it was Pedro’s “large musculature” that saved his life. Horrillo is back on his bike after months of rehabilitation. He will possibly be making a comeback in 2010, but that is yet to be known. “I don’t want to obsess about (a comeback). I don’t want to take a decision too soon and have it be the wrong…

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Quick Step Makes Offer to Alberto Contador

quick step makes offer to alberto contador   Quick Step Makes Offer to Alberto Contador

Two-time Tour de France champion Alberto Contador is expected to make a decision on who he will be riding for in the 2010 season. It looks as if the two choices will be his current team, Astana, and the Belgian Quick Step. Rumor has it that Astana has offered Contador a contract worth 8 million euros per year, but his brother and manager, Fran Contador, denies that the offer has been made. He also says that if Alberto remains with Astana, it won’t be on a long-term contract. La Gazzetta Dello Sport, an Italian newspaper, reported that Quick Step has offered Contador a four-year contract worth 5 million euros per year. Quick Step’s manager, Patrick Lefevere, denies the amount of the contract. He says, “We have made an offer, knows how much and we will see. I don’t talk…

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USA Cycling Reviews Continental Team Applications

usa cycling reviews continental team applications   USA Cycling Reviews Continental Team Applications

USA Cycling announced that it is reviewing 12 UCI Continental Team Status applications for the 2010 season. The deadline to turn in an application was October 30th, any candidates to apply after this date will not be accepted for the 2010 season. The 12 teams who have plans to compete in the USA Cycling Professional Tour are:

Bahati Foundation Pro Cycling Team

BISSELL Pro Cycling

Jamis/Sutter Home presented by Colavita

Jelly Belly Cycling presented by Kenda

Kelly Benefit Strategies

Kenda Pro Cycling presented by Gear Grinder

Adageo Energy Pro Cycling

Team Hotel San Jose

Team Mountain Khakis fueled by Jittery Joe’s

Team Type 1

Trek LIVESTRONG U23 Cycling Team presented by RadioShack

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