pinit fg en rect gray 20   2012 Tomac Snyper 140 Mountain Bike Frame

2012 tomac snyper 140 frame   2012 Tomac Snyper 140 Mountain Bike Frame

Tomac Bikes has redesigned one of the best-selling mountain bike frames for 2012, which is called the Snyper 140. It is built from a first-rate 6069 aluminum frame that comes with mountain bike-specific features, making the bike a great machine for those who enjoy all-day rides in rough terrain.

With exceptional pedaling efficiency, this stiff and light frame allows the rider to smoothly slide along the rough terrain. Aside from triple butted 6069 top and down tubes, the Snyper 140 utilizes CNC machined shock and rocker link mounts and forged aluminum shock mounts.

Featuring a completely new design, the 2012 Tomac Snyper 140 Mountain Bike Frame integrates the very much desired Instant Active Suspension (IAS) suspension design. Through this new IAS system, response time to bump forces is improved. Also, the frame works with Shimano, SRAM, and FSA front derailleurs.

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