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Specialized Road Bike History

vintage specialized road bike   Specialized Road BikesSpecialized road bikes are part of the line of bicycles manufactured by Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc. – a company which has been in the market since 1974. Specialized road bikes in particular are multi-gear vehicles that are lighter than the average bike, have high-pressure tires and drop handles. But aside from these general characteristics, which quality is it that sets a Specialized bike apart from all the other brands? To give yo an idea, here is a glimpse at a comprehensive list of the current and 2010 Specialized road bike models that cycling enthusiasts can already take advantage of:

Allez: Is the French word for go – and it’s the perfect moniker for a Specialized road bike for those who are always hitting the road. The latest lines of Allez bicycles have a lighter weight, a more efficient performance and a redesigned alloy frame.
Dolce: Another classic Specialized road bike is the Dolce which offers extreme comfort, stability and ease for the riders.
S-Works Road: The first S-Works Specialized road bike model was built 15 years ago, and it is specifically designed to suit the needs of the modern cyclist.
Sirrus: Speed and control are the two things taken into consideration when the Sirrus Specialized road bike was designed from low-weight, high-quality aluminum.
Sequoia: Sequoia is a Specialized road bike model which is ergonomically friendly and can be used for the long haul.
Roubaix: Smooth and fast is the way that the Roubaix Specialized road bike runs.
Transition: Which Specialized road bike do you think helps win athletes their world championship titles? It’s none other than the Transition model, which has already carried Pro Tour riders to fast finishes.
Tarmac: Is just one of the many Specialized road bike models which are suitable for professional cyclists.
Vita: Those who are looking for a workout bicycle while still exploring what the rest of the world has to offer can use the Vita Specialized bike. It is a flat bar road bike variant, which is ergonomically designed and is best suited for women riders.

specialized road bike wmns   Specialized Road BikesFor 2010, the company manufacturing Specialized road bikes have come up with a superb line of models which include Shiv, Secteur, Amira and Roloux. One technology incorporated in the manufacturing of these 2010 Specialized road bike models is the FACT IS or Integrated Structure carbon process. There are also Specialized road bikes which are built in such a way that the bottom bracket and chainstays have formed one part to increase the stiffness. Efforts to make vehicles that are more lightweight have also been implemented, making Specialized road bikes one of the best products the company has to offer.