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Giant Road Bike History

giant road bikes tcr   Giant Road BikesFounded in 1972, Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. dubs itself to be the “world’s largest bicycle manufacturer.” Their headquarters is based in Taiwan but they also have manufacturing facilities in China and the Netherlands that produce Giant Road Bikes. They actually started out as an original equipment manufacturer under brand names like Nishiki and Schwinn. Only eight years after Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was founded, it has already become the largest bicycle manufacturer in Taiwan. Over the next twenty years, the company has expanded to countries like the Netherlands, USA, Japan, Canada, Australia and China.

It was in 1996 that the company manufacturing Giant road bikes built their European company in Netherlands. By the late 1990s, Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. was already manufacturing more than 2.8 million bicycles on an annual basis. The figures even doubled up in 2002, when the company was able to produce more than 4.7 million bikes in just one year. Later on, Giant Manufacturing branched out to releasing accessories in the United Kingdom with products like pumps, apparel and luggage. Finally, in 2007, the name Giant has become synonymous to a world-renowned brand which has also become the largest quality bicycle manufacturer in the world. Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. currently provides bikes to professional racing teams from all across the world, including the T-mobile road racing and MTB teams. As compared to the biggest players in the industry, Giant may not have that many years of experience – but they definitely overcame the hurdles to grow as one of the biggest in the bicycle manufacturing industry.

giant road bike 08   Giant Road BikesCurrently, the models and types of bicycles produced by the Giant is categorized into 7 kinds: Comfort bicycles, Family bicycles, Indoor fitness bikes, Mountain bikes, Mode bikes, Road bicycles and Specialty bicycles. These bikes are designed to suit the needs of the user. For example, a mode bike is specifically designed with youth teen bikers in mind. Mountain bikes are designed to be used for rough terrains while family cycling models are suited for children. Giant road bikes, on the other hand, are suitable for those who are in the sport of cycling. The historic models of Giant road bikes include Defy, FCR, TCR, and Trinity.