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Gary Fisher Road Bike History

gary fisher road bike bl   Gary Fisher Road BikesGary Fisher is a former road racing cyclist, beginning his career at the young age of 12. He founded his company, Gary Fisher Mountain Bikes, in 1983, after his partnership company with Charlie Kelley, Mountain Bikes, broke apart. Originally, the goal was to produce only mountain bikes. Even though Fisher started his career with road racing, he became known as the man who started mountain biking.

Gary Fisher did not start producing road bikes until this year (2009). Gary Fisher began producing over a dozen different Gary Fisher road bike models in 2009. Gary Fished didn’t start out producing pure, race-only bikes. Rather, they began to produce bikes based on the concepts of “smartly different” and “race utility.” This means that the Gary Fisher road bikes are very worthy of racing, being lightweight and having technological features, but they are more “practical” for everyday use.

gary fisher road bike race   Gary Fisher Road BikesAmong the 2009 Gary Fisher road bike models, the Chronus stands at the top as their flagship model. It weighs in at only 900 grams, making it a great lightweight carbon road bike. The bike also features the “Fisher Control Column,” which provides precise handling. The Chronus has also been made to accommodate non-racing features, as most people use their bikes for more than just racing. The frames have been built to allow for fatter tires, and features fully external cable routing.

Gary Fisher’s road bike lineup also features an aluminum and carbon model called the Ion. It is a mid-range model that also makes use of the “Fisher Control Column,” with a rear end almost the same as the Chronus. However, the Ion features a butted aluminum front triangle.