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Felt Road Bike History

felt road bikes blk   Felt Road BikesSince its inception in the early 1990s, Felt road bikes have become one of the most sought-after brands in the sport of cycling. Road bikes in general are multi-gear vehicles that have drop handlebars, high-pressure tires and a lighter make as compared to other types of bicycles. You can find all of these characteristics in a typical Felt road bike and despite being a relatively young bicycle manufacturer, the company has emerged to be a crowd favorite among cycling enthusiasts. Some of the most notable athletes that Felt Racing has sponsored over the years are Fraser Cartmell and Sarah Hammer.

Felt Racing is the company name and Felt road bikes is just one of their many products. It was Jim Felt who founded Felt Racing in the early 1990s and the headquarters is now based in Irvine, California. During the decade that the company was founded, the different Felt road bike models were actually distributed by Answer. Seven years later, Felt and Answer had a falling out which almost caused his demise in the bicycle manufacturing industry.

A few years later, Michael Mullmann and Bill Duehring joined forces to come up with a new image for the Felt brand, producing everything from high-end Felt road bikes to BMX and commuter bikes. The brand was again launched as an independent company in 2001. In 2007, the manufacturer of Felt road bike models sponsored the Slipstream-Chipotle bicycle team and in 2009, they signed a 3-year agreement to supply frames for Garmin-Chipotle. As you can see, Felt Racing has a solid history behind them which is why they remained a solid player in the industry despite being relatively young.

felt road bike ar4   Felt Road BikesCurrently, Felt Racing has a complete line of high-quality bicycles including BMX, Cyclocross, cruiser, mountain bikes, road bikes, track and triathlon bikes. The line of Felt road bikes which are currently sold on the website include three models for the AR series, 13 models from the F series, nine FIT Woman Felt road bike models and a dozen models from the Z series. Out of the 140 models distributed in 27 countries, there are 37 Felt road bikes which are currently in distribution.