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Bianchi Road Bike History

vintage bianchi road bikes   Bianchi Road BikesThe ‘celeste’ color – also known as Bianchi green – is one of their trademarks. They also have the distinct honor of being the world’s oldest bicycle-making company which is still in existence. All this is in reference to the manufacturers of the ever-popular Bianchi road bikes. The company called F.I.V Edoardo Bianchi S.p.A was founded way back in 1885. Aside from being the oldest bicycle manufacturer, the name Bianchi S.p.A and Bianchi road bikes in general are associated for almost half a century with Fausto Coppi, Italian Tour de France winner.

Bianchi S.p.A. was named after Edoardo Bianchi who formed a bicycle manufacturing company in Milan more than 120 years ago. According to Hilary Stone, a British bicycle historian, Bianchi bikes were not necessarily standouts back then. However, a Bianchi road bike manufactured during those times were made of the finest quality steel tubing. 

 One of the highlights in the extended history of Bianchi S.p.A is that they are the first ones to have invented the ‘safety’ bicycles in 1885. In 1895, Bianchi created the first ladies bicycle for Queen Margaret. Four years later, Bianchi won the Grand Prix de la Ville de Paris. In 1913, the Bianchi road bike manufacturer devised the first front brakes for a bicycle, which was quite a feat back then. The same thing holds true for being a pioneering company when it comes to using pneumatic rubber tires. It was in 1915 that the predecessor of the modern Bianchi road bikes was invented.

bianchi road bikes virata   Bianchi Road BikesToday, the brand is known for manufacturing Bianchi road bikes, track bikes, leisure bikes and modern fixed-gear bikes. With such an old background, it is no wonder why there are cycling enthusiasts who will only ride a Bianchi road bike and nothing else. If you’re looking for a brand which is rich in history, the good news is that there are a lot of Bianchi road bike models that you can choose from. Take your pick from Bianchi Men’s Cortina, Torino, Milano Parco, Verona, Women’s Iseo, Milano Alfine and a lot more.