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2012 Zoic Ambrosia Cycling Jersey for Women


2012 zoic ambrosia cycling jersey for women   2012 Zoic Ambrosia Cycling Jersey for Women

For 2012, Zoic has released some new clothes for men and women riders. These new cycling clothes perfectly combined excellent technical features with amazing aesthetics. For women, Zoic has crafted a cool and stylish cycling jersey called Ambrosia.

Featured by the Ambrosia are some helpful pockets that make riding more convenient. It has a chest pocket, a front hand warmer pocket, as well as a back pocket that comes with s size zip entry along the seam. Headphones are well accommodated by the cable port.
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The 2012 Zoic Ambrosia Cycling Jersey for Women is ideal for women riders who want to be make a fashion statement while cycling. A carefully designed half zip nylon/spandex top, the Ambrosia jersey works great for cycling as it does for running.

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2012 Blank Vision BMX Bike

2012 blank vision bmx bike   2012 Blank Vision BMX Bike

Built from a high-class hi-ten frame, all the BMX bikes in the new range released by Blank Bikes for 2012 guarantee a reliable quality. These BMX bikes feature Blank Stencil one-piece seat and post combo and 1 1/8in Ahead Gyro. One of the models in this 2012 BMX range is the Vision.

While the Vision is not as popular as the other models in the 2012 Blank BMX bikes range, it features the same parts that offer high quality. These first-rate parts include 20.5in top tube, Alloy U-Brakes, Blank Compact 55mm front loaded stem, and Blank Compound forks and 7.75in bars.
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The 2012 Blank Vision BMX Bike can be considered the competition underdog but its great quality and performance must not be underestimated. For riders who have been in the BMX scene and are looking for a new bike to handle their increasing riding requirements, this…

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2012 Blank Frank BMX Bike

2012 blank frank bmx bike   2012 Blank Frank BMX Bike
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Another popular BMX bike reintroduced by Blank Bikes for 2012 is the Frank. With its really nice updates, this new model is expected to become even more popular. First off, Blank has shaved off considerable weight from the Frank as it did in all models in its 2012 BMX bikes range.

Aside from its enhanced spec, the new Frank also features a fresh look. Built from tough hi-tensile steel, the frame of this BMX bike comes with 20in toptube and is designed with the pro riders in mind. Thus, the Frank does not only look great; it handles like a professional, as well.

What is great about the 2012 Blank Frank BMX Bike is that it is very affordable and offers the feel of a pro BMX machine, thanks to its topnotch features, which include American BB, Wellgo plastic freestyle pedals, 36-hole alloy rims, 14T freewheel,…

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2012 Blank Verse BMX Bike

2012 blank verse bmx bike   2012 Blank Verse BMX Bike

Included in the new range of BMX bikes released by Blank Bikes for 2012 is the Verse. This bike has everything that riders need to prepare for the modern standards of BMX riding. Park and street ready, the Verse has a gyro braking system that allows riders to do tail whips and bar spins more effectively.

Among all the models in the 2012 BMX range of Blank Bikes, the Verse is the first full street/skatepark bicycle that comes with a pair of stunt pegs that riders will surely find helpful when hitting up the ramps or streets with slogs and more optional tricks.
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Very lightweight, the 2012 Blank Verse BMX Bike is a solid bike that makes it a lot easier to do jumps. Its light weight goes along with more compact, less material, and a small chain wheel since it features a special rear wheel…

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2012 Blank Media BMX Bike

2012 blank media bmx bike   2012 Blank Media BMX Bike

One of the most popular machines from Blank Bikes in the BMX scene is the Media. For 2012, Blank is bringing back the Media with some updates in parts as well as a new color scheme. Aside from its 25-9 gearing, the new Media also features three-piece cranks, and Odyssey Twisted PC pedals.

Built from a top-quality Blank Hi-Ten frame, the Media has a 20.5in top tube, an all-in-one Blank Stencil seat and post combo, 7.75in bars, 55mm front loaded stem, 1 1/8in Ahead Gyro, and 20in x 2.20in Innova tires. Its graphics, stem, hubs, and seat clamp are all nicely color matched.

Loaded with state-of-the-art features and great looks, the 2012 Blank Media BMX Bike is predicted to be the best-selling model of 2012 Blank range. Perfect for beginners, this entry-level bike comes with chromoly parts that will truly keep up against intense tricks and huge jumps.

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2012 Blank Hustla 18in BMX Bike for Kids

2012 blank hustla 18in bmx bike for kids   2012 Blank Hustla 18in BMX Bike for Kids

Designed with young riders in mind, the new Hustla introduced by Blank Bikes for 2012 is one of the most recommended BMX bicycles for children. For undersized riders who want to enhance their BMX skills, this 18in BMX bike is the perfect machine as it offers the same feel given by 20in models.

The Hustla has a lot of amazing features to pride itself on, first of which is its compact size with plain 18in wheels. This makes the Hustla the ideal bike for children who have outgrown their 16in-wheel BMX machine but are still not ready for a full-size one.
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Everything on the 2012 Blank Hustla BMX Bike for Kids is proportionally slimmed down to allow children to efficiently get into the BMX scene at a really young age. Along with its Blank 1020 Hi-Ten frame and fork is a rear…

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2012 Diadora Speedracer 2 Magnum Road Shoes

2012 diadora speedracer 2 magnum road shoes   2012 Diadora Speedracer 2 Magnum Road Shoes

For those who are looking for a new pair of road shoes, the new Speedracer 2 Magnum has been released by Diadora for 2012. Comfort, stability, and breathability are guaranteed by the upper of these road shoes, which are built from the first-rate Suprell-Tech with Morpho Cage A-M.

In order to offer excellent comfort in the toe box, the Speedracer 2 Magnum is designed with a perfect fitting called Regula Race Last. Heel control is enhanced by the pre-molded ergonomic TPU heel cup that comes with nice refractive rear inserts.

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Weighing in at 335g, the 2012 Diadora Speedracer 2 Magnum Road Shoes are lightweight but still packed with excellent cycling-specific features. Moisture wicking and breathability are guaranteed by the Hi Vent removable insole that features perforated EVA.

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