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Cannondale Synapse Hi-MOD Red 2010 Road Bike


cannondale synapse hi mod red   Cannondale Synapse Hi MOD Red 2010 Road Bike

The Cannondale Synapse Hi-MOD Red 2010 Road Bike utilizes state-of-the-art active vibration damping technology to eliminate road rattle and other high-frequency vibrations without sacrificing any power. It also sports a more upright riding position, which allows for all-day rides with more comfort. Its also got really fast acceleration, giving you the upper hand on race day. Pick up the Cannondale Synapse Hi-MOD Red 2010 Road Bike for a retail price of $7,899.

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Cannondale Moto Carbon 1 2010 Mountain Bike

cannondale moto carbon 1 mountain bike 2010   Cannondale Moto Carbon 1 2010 Mountain Bike

This bad boy is called the Cannondale Moto Carbon 1 2010 Mountain Bike. Its full suspension, and it utilizes a hatchet drive, which re-orients shock in two different directions for better force dispersion, and an overall smoother ride. It also has front and back disc brakes so you can stop on a dime. The Cannondale Moto Carbon 1 2010 Mountain Bike retails for $6,899.

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Dakine Bike Bag 2009

dakine bike bag 2009   Dakine Bike Bag 2009

The Dakine Bike Bag 2009 is pretty self explanatory; it stores your disassembled bike for you while you travel. It is smaller than most bike bags on the market, but still fits your cycle in just as easily. It features a padded center divider, which protects your frame from your rims during travel. The whole front section unzips, allowing you to store your bike and pack parts in every crevice. The Dakine Bike Bag 2009 also has wheels, so you don’t have to huff-and-puff while transporting your baby. The Dakine Bike Bag 2009 retails for $390.

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Trek 2010 6 Series Madone

trek 2010 6 series madone   Trek 2010 6 Series Madone

The Trek 2010 6 Series Madone, also known as “The One,” is packed with state-of-the-art technology. The 2010 Madone is 150 grams lighter than the previous model of 2009. The front end is 17% stiffer, which allows for better confidence while handling at high speeds. The bottom bracket is 90mm, instead of the average 68mm, which allows for faster takeoff, acceleration, and climbing. The fork of the Trek 2010 6 Series Madone is also unique, being the first asymmetric fork. The new fork is 30 grams lighter, with 15% more frontal compliance, and 20% more lateral stiffness. Basically, the Trek 2010 6 Series Madone is a state-of-the-art bicycle, utilizing the most updated and innovative technology available.

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Colnago CLX 2.0 Road Bike

colnago clx 2.0 road bike   Colnago CLX 2.0 Road Bike

The Colnago CLX 2.0 road bike, a bike for riders who appreciate a carbon road bike but not the price it’s often associated with, is an Italian masterpiece made possible through extensive research and development. The CLX 2.0 frame has a monocoque front triangle where the rear triangle is lugged. Towards the rear of the frame, lugged and bonded seat and chainstays were implemented to increase the frame’s overall strength. To make for a stiffer ride, the top and down tube host ribs. The seatstay on Colnago’s CLX 2.0 features a curvature, which helps with control during a sudden stop. When compared to the CLX, which made its debut several years ago, the Colnago CLX 2.0 is lighter, stiffer, and a safer ride. Colnago is offering the CLX 2.0 with a Shimano Ultegra option for $3,699 or a Campagnolo Athena/Chorus for $4,059.

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Haro Gutter Shark BMX Frame

haro gutter shark bmx frame   Haro Gutter Shark BMX Frame

Unsatisfied with last year’s Lowpez frame, Haro is seeking redemption by adding the Haro Gutter Shark to its collection of BMX bikes. The Haro Gutter Shark is said to be a revamped Lowpez frame on steroids. The weight on this frame is 3lbs 12oz, making a perfect strength to weight ration. We caught the Haro Gutter Shark on our last day at InterBike as thing were closing, so we weren’t able to get the full lowdown on it. Check back soon for specifications on the Gutter Shark….

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Fixation Session 700c Colored Tires

fixation session 700 colored tires1   Fixation Session 700c Colored Tires

Flashy new bike products like these Fixation Session 700 colored tires are growing in popularity do to the resent influx of fixed gear riders taking to the streets. The Fixation Session 700 tires offer its riders Kevlar rolling and pinch-flat protection. Fixation is offering the tires in an array of color ways so you can add that personal touch to your fixed ride. MSRP $49.95 each.

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