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Le Roi de Glace: Documentary on Closed-Circuit Velodrome Racing in Toronto


le roi de glace documentary on closed circuit velodrome racing in toronto   Le Roi de Glace: Documentary on Closed Circuit Velodrome Racing in Toronto

Cycling in winter is fun every in Toronto's closed-circuit velodrome, as featured by Le Roi de Glace, which literally means “king of the ice”. In this high-energy documentary, which is approximately 25 minutes long, Dale K. Sood captures Toronto’s world-famous ice rink velodrome racing.

Every winter, for almost two decades now, Toronto cyclists engage in wild and risky racing activities on a closed velodrome-style circuit. In order to prepare for the ice rinks, the cyclists increase traction on the ice by taking screws to their tires.

For 2012, this unique winter cycling event has raised funds for Charlie’s Freewheels, a free bicycle mechanic training program dedicated to the at-risk youth. Video after the jump.


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2013 Raleigh Tripper, Furley, + Roper Steel Cross/City Bikes

2013 raleigh tripper furley roper steel cross city bikes   2013 Raleigh Tripper, Furley, + Roper Steel Cross/City Bikes

Raleigh had an amazing lineup for 2013 out at the Sea Otter Classic. One bike we showed you was the RXC Pro Disc Cross, and now we showcase the Tripper, Furley and Roper.

The 2013 Raleigh Tripper, Furley and Roper are not just your typical steel cross bikes, but a great introduction to the sport. You can also use them as a daily commuter.

Known as the Landlord series, the Tripper, Furley and Roper share the same steel frame, but each is unique by its drivetrain.

The 2013 Furley is a single speed and the Roper uses gears, both models come with drop bars.

The new model added to the group, the Tripper features a 3-Speed internal hub, one piece bar, headset and stem combo.

Specific MSRP wasn’t known at the time, but Raleigh said they should be around $850 for the Furley, $1000 for the Tripper and $1400 for the Roper….

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2013 Giant Anthem X Advanced 29er 0 Mountain Bike

2013 giant anthem x advanced 29er 0 mountain bike   2013 Giant Anthem X Advanced 29er 0 Mountain Bike

Giant was demoing a few of their 2013 complete bikes, and we got to take a look at the 2013 Giant Anthem X Advanced 29er 0, their top tier.

The 2013 Anthem X Advanced 29er 0 is the bike that Team Rabobank-Giant World XC will ride, so this bike means business.

A couple years ago when Giant introduced the Anthem X 29er, the frames were made of aluminum. This year Giant introduced the carbon fiber frames using the same geometry but about a half pound lighter. As a complete, the 29er 0 weighs in at 22.5 pounds.

Down to the specs, the Giant’s new Anthem X Advanced comes equipped with Rock Shox SID RCT3 forks with 100mm of travel, Rock Shox Monarch RT3 shock, Maestro Suspension, Sram XX drivetrain, and Sram Rise 60 carbon wheelset.

Hitting Giant retailers over the Summer, the MSRP for the 2013 Giant Anthem X Advanced 29er…

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2013 Redline Conquest Team Carbon Frameset

redline conquest team carbon frameset   2013 Redline Conquest Team Carbon Frameset

We have shown you a few new builds for 2013 from Redline, the Conquest Disc and D680 Carbon, but today we have the 2013 Redline Conquest Team Carbon Frameset to share.

Air shipped from Taiwan, the 2013 Conquest Team Carbon frame set made it just in time for the Sea Otter Classic.

On to the sweet stuff, the Redline 2013 Conquest Team Carbon (and Pro) are the only models that are disc ready but come with canti-mounts for those that are not ready to convert. 130mm rear spacing for cyclists that want to utilize the Canti-mounts, but can change to disc down the road by simply changing the fork and rims.

Shaving off a little weight, Redline has done away with the BB30 and will now use a Press Fit 30. The Chainstay and Seatstay is now one unit, also reducing the weight. Overall, the 2013 Conquest…

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3T Zefiro Aero Handlebar Combines Road Drop Bars with Aero Wing

3t zefiro aero handlebar combines road drop bars with aero wing   3T Zefiro Aero Handlebar Combines Road Drop Bars with Aero Wing

A combination of Ergonova bend drops, Pi wing extension, and Mistral aero flat tops is the latest offer of the new 3T Zefiro Aero Handlebar model. While it is design for ultimate speed, this handlebar also combines control with power for climbing and sprinting.

Outfitted with a hand support, the Pi WingTM bar extension is uniquely designed and its length can be adjusted. The shape of this bar extension is aero and very ergonomic. Comfort is maximized as the hands and wrists can rest on the aerofoil hand rest in a usual position. Also, the upper surface of the basebar has silicon pads, on which the forearms can rest.

Available in PRO, TEAM, and LTD versions, the 3T Zefiro is ideal for short-course triathlon, century, and sportive cycling.


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Beach Cruiser Bike by James Perse

beach cruiser bike by james perse   Beach Cruiser Bike by James Perse

Designed by James Perse, the new Beach Cruiser bike combines modern aesthetics with a vintage style. With his creativity and passion for design, James Perse crafted this sleek bike in a way that it offers maximum riding comfort.

Custom built, the James Perse Beach Cruiser Bike is inspired by how the original Southern Californian bikes used to look like during the 50s and 60s. Remarkable features of the bike include its hydroform steel frame, wide handlebars, aged leather seat, 1-speed coaster brakes, and thick tires that can tackle sand well.

Each Beach Cruiser bike has a limited edition serial number. Color options include orange, khaki, black and white.


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2012 BMW Mountain Bike Enduro

2012 bmw mountain bike enduro 3   2012 BMW Mountain Bike Enduro

With enhanced hardware and aesthetics, the Mountain Bike Enduro has been updated by BMW for 2012. BMW has improved the aluminum frame of this new model and was able to keep its original weight at 14.8kg.

Although lightweight, this upgraded mountain bike is equipped with a complete page of FOX forks, Crank Brothers wheels, and Shimano components. The previous model’s 150mm travel is now updated to 140mm while its new wheelset is stiffer and can perform better in downhill rides.

Matching the new metallic black paint job of the 2012 BMW Mountain Bike Enduro are the bright green parts of the spokes and the saddle. This new look provides not only an eye-catching style but also an increased stability.


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