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2012 Marin Rift Zone XC7 29er Full-Suspension Mountain Bike


2012 marin rift zone xc7 29er full suspension mountain bike   2012 Marin Rift Zone XC7 29er Full Suspension Mountain Bike

A new 29er full-suspension mountain bike called Rift Zone XC7 has been introduced by Marin Bikes for 2012. In order to accommodate 29in wheels, the design of this mountain bike has been tweaked. This also enables the bike to roll through the woods with excellent performance.

Featuring the updated floating suspension design called the Quad 3.0 system, the Rift Zone XC7 takes pride in its unparalleled quality. This all-new suspension platform is combined with a tough but light aluminum frame that makes this affordable race bike versatile and responsive.

Reducing the weight of the 2012 Marin Rift Zone XC7 29er Mountain Bike also reduced the amount of irrelevant material that had to be used. This was achieved by reworking the pivot points to locate closer to already reinforced areas like the bottom bracket and seat tube.

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2012 Whyte Montpellier Commuter Road Bike

2012 whyte montpellier commuter road bike   2012 Whyte Montpellier Commuter Road Bike

Named after the place of Cheltenham where it was created and tested, the commuter road bike called Montpellier is one of the most exciting new offerings of Whyte Bikes for 2012. Its high-quality features include its X2 race brakes and Hope Evo hubs.

Riders can tour or commute in style with the Montpellier, thanks to its minimalist finish matched with incredibly clean lines. On the other hand, this svelte and stylish road bike is designed with a reliable high-performance mountain bike geometry.

For those who are looking for a rapid, nimble, and comfortable bike, the 2012 Whyte Montpellier Commuter Road Bike is an excellent choice. With a shorter stem, this rugged commuter road bike offers outstanding slow-speed maneuverability.

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2012 Devinci Wooky S 29er Mountain Bike

2012 devinci wooky s 29er mountain bike   2012 Devinci Wooky S 29er Mountain Bike

Included in the list of unique mountain bikes for 2012 is the new Wooky S from Devinci Cycles. This 29er mountain bike is equipped with state-of-the-art components that are not only lightweight but also incredibly speedy on the trail.

Perfectly matched, the all-new Devinci Wooky aluminum optimum G04 frame and FRG geometry makes the Wooky S a strong machine that can last for years. Its excellent geometry offers precise handling and the best riding position.

With an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio, the 2012 Devinci Wooky S 29er Mountain Bike performs as excellent as the more expensive mountain bikes. Along with is outstanding power transfer and acceleration is maximum comfort from its S-Bend seat stays.

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2012 Dual Eyewear V6, S4, and SL2 Bifocal Cycling Sunglasses

2012 dual eyewear v6 s4 and sl2 bifocal cycling sunglasses   2012 Dual Eyewear V6, S4, and SL2 Bifocal Cycling Sunglasses

For 2012, Dual Eyewear introduces the first cycling sunglasses with an integrated magnification section behind the lens. Through this built-in magnification section, it is easier to achieve a clear sight with things set near the rider.

These unique and affordable bifocal cycling sunglasses will be available in three styles, namely V6, S4, and SL2. The V6 has nice lenses, the lightweight and innovative full-frame S4 utilizes an open frame design, and the SL2 is half-framed. Their shatterproof polycarbonate lenses offer 100% UV protection, too.

All the 2012 Dual Eyewear V6, S4, and SL2 Bifocal Cycling Sunglasses are available with good-looking brown or gray lenses. Moreover, the three styles feature a grippy rubber on the nose and temple, which helps keep them in place while riding.

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2012 Focus Planet TR 4 Urban Bike

2012 focus planet tr 4 urban bike   2012 Focus Planet TR 4 Urban Bike

For those who are looking for a stylish urban bike with a tough look, one of the best choices will be the new Planet TR 4, which is included in the 2012 range of Focus Bikes. It owes its outstanding aesthetics to its neat black finish, simple logos, and neon blue Schwalbe Kojak tires.

Aside from its strength and light weight, the alloy frame of the Planet TR 4 also features a clever design that allows for optimal rigidity and acceleration. With Tektro Draco brakes, this urban bike offers an excellent stopping power.

Uniquely designed with carefully selected components, the 2012 Focus Planet TR 4 Urban Bike definitely performs like a pro, thanks to its mountain bike style geometry, perfectly matched with an option of eight-speed Shimano Alfine hub or derailleur gears.

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2012 Trek Mystic 20in Bike for Girls

2012 trek mystic 20in bike for girls   2012 Trek Mystic 20in Bike for Girls

One bike most recommended for little girls, even those who are just starting to learn riding, is the new 20in bike called Mystic, which has been introduced by Trek Bikes for 2012. Loaded with several excellent features, this machine is not an ordinary bike for girls.

Designed with the little rider in mind, the Mystic is built from a strong 20in Alpha Silver aluminum frame with a high-tensile steel fork. Beginner-friendly features also include a four-bolt alloy and steel stem, Kraton dialed grips, platform pedals, and a padded saddle.

Safety, durability, and better ride quality are all offered by the 2012 Trek Mystic 20in Bike for Girls. One of the unique features of this bike is that it goes along with its little rider, thanks to its exclusive Dialed Fit system.

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2012 Scott OTG 10 Fixie Road Bike

2012 scott otg 10 fixie road bike   2012 Scott OTG 10 Fixie Road Bike

Perfect for the fashion-conscious urban cyclist is the new fixie road bike called OTG 10 from Scott Bikes. Aside from its unique and simple but outstanding aesthetics, this road bike also allows for fun and free riding as it allows the rider to easily pedal slower or faster.

Weighing in at 10.5kg, the OTG 10 comes complete with impressive components and speccs. This fixie road bike features a high-quality 4130 CroMo frame, which allows for a comfortable, stylish, and efficient way to stay fit casino online around the city.

As compared to the typical geared town bike, the 2012 Scott OTG 10 Fixie Road Bike requires a lot less maintenance. With the OTG 10, choosing whether to ride single-speed or fixed gear is a lot more fun. Also, its simplicity makes it ideal everyday bike.

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