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Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail Downhill Folding Mountain Bike


ortovox mountainskyver trail downhill mountain e bike 1   Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail Downhill Folding Mountain Bike

In attempt to bring PURE pleasure into downhill mountain biking, Ortovox delivers the Mountainskyver Trail.

The Ortovox Mountainskyver Trail is actually a mountain bike and scooter hybrid. Featuring full suspension and disc brakes, but lacing a seatpost, gears, pedals, or chain. This mountain bike/scooter is purely for downhill riding (or coasting, depending how you look at it).

Since the bike folds down and can be placed into one of the special backpacks available, you can hike uphill and enjoy nature, but coast back down.

For now, the bike is available in white/blue.

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Affinity x Kenzo Minami (Kissena) = Digitizer Fixed

affinity kenzo minami digitizer fixed   Affinity x Kenzo Minami (Kissena) = Digitizer Fixed

Affinity Cycles takes their Kissena frame in a whole new direction collaborating with designer Kenzo Minami.

Kenzo Minami is a designer who grew up in Japan in the 1980s. During that time frame art was best described as “more is better”. When Affinity and Kenzo Minami came together for the Digitizer, the inspiration came from Minami’s childhood.

The Kenzo Minami x Affinity Digitzer was brought together by CineCycle, with their goal being to develop a high quality yet stylish bike. You can purchase the Digitzer now at

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2012 Brompton P6R Folding Touring Bike

2012 brompton p6r folding touring bike   2012 Brompton P6R Folding Touring Bike

Brompton Bicycle has launched one of the best folding bikes for 2012 called P6R. Featuring an incredible 302% gear range, this folding touring bike is better than most other hub gears. Moreover, this bike takes pride in its less transmission loss.

With a multi-position P bar, the P6R is a six-speed folding bike with design and components.These evenly spaced six speed gears are a blend of an ingeniously designed derailleur system and the very efficient Brompton Wide Ratio Sturmey Archer hub.

Perfect for climbing hilly areas with cargos is the 2012 Brompton P6R Folding Touring Bike, thanks to its front luggage system and its rear rack. Its P bar also offers different riding positions so the rider can stay comfortable during long-distance rides.


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Velocity Power Core eBike, 2012 IBDC Winner from Taipei

velocity power core ebike 2012 ibdc winners from taipei   Velocity Power Core eBike, 2012 IBDC Winner from Taipei

Taiwanese designer Larry Chen’s Velocity “Power Core” eBike took 1st out of 800 entries at the 16th annual International Bicycle Design Competition (IBDC) this year.

So what made this eBike stand out from the rest of its competition? Simply put, it’s “Power Core”, which is a compact source of power designed into the frame. If you feel like manually pedaling an entire trip, the “Power Core” can be removed in order to save weight.

If its functionality didn’t nab, its design is sure to captivate. Chen’s work takes on a contemporary look that’s easy on the eyes.

With its weight-saving feature and modern design, the Velocity “Power Core” eBike is one of the more versatile ones in existence.

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2012 Twin Six Yeti Beti Bike Shirt

2012 twin six yeti beti bike shirt   2012 Twin Six Yeti Beti Bike Shirt

Yeti Beti, the team of women mountain bike riders, will be joining the upcoming all-women race, Beti Bike Bash, this 2012. In support of the Yeti Beti team, Twin Six has designed a line of pre-order bike shirts that are crafted to tackle the severity of trail rides.

Along with the simple black color scheme of the Twin Six Yeti Beti Bike Shirt is a nice red and white graphic. Thus, writing help'>essay writing helpthis shirt is not for riders who are looking for flashy cycling clothes. Made in the US, this bike shirt features 100% super soft cotton that guarantees outstanding comfort.

For serious mountain bike riders who are looking for a simple but high-quality T-Shirt, the 2012 Twin Six Yeti Beti Bike Shirt is an excellent choice. Though crafted for the Yeti Beti women’s mountain bike team, the shirt will be available both for men…

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2012 Ridgeback Voyage Touring Bike

2012 ridgeback voyage touring bike   2012 Ridgeback Voyage Touring Bike

For those who are looking for a new touring bike, one of the most popular choices for 2012 is the Voyage released by Ridgeback Bikes. Equipped with high-quality Shimano components, this touring bike is a state-of-the-art machine that does not cThe Woman Men Adore…and Never Want To Leaveost an arm and a leg.

Built from a topnotch butted Reynolds 520 steel frame, the Voyage is a classic tourer that is incredibly strong and durable. Also featured by this touring bike are tough wheels, mudguards, and cross top brake levers, as well as a Blackburn rack and a frame pump.

Aside from touring, the 2012 Ridgeback Voyage Touring Bike also performs very well in longer-distance commuting. When touring for long distances with heavy cargos, this lightweight but solid and reliable touring bike is just the ideal companion.

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2012 Lightweight Fernweg Aero Wheels

2012 lightweight fernweg aero wheels   2012 Lightweight Fernweg Aero Wheels

Lightweight, a German carbon boutique maker, has introduced its new aero wheelset called Fernweg for 2012. While long flat sides and its spoke bed’s rounded make the rim look simple, this wheelset is incredibly aerodynamic, lightweight, and stiff.

In order to maximize the wheels’ stiffness, Lightweight made use of carbon spokes in the construction of the Fernweg. Moreover, this carbon spoke construction effectively st Reel Marketing Insider-#1 Video Marketing Training – 50% Recurring! ops water from getting into its 81mm-deep rim, making the wheelset ideal for wet rides.

While it is specifically designed for triathlons, the 2012 Lightweight Fernweg Aero Wheels can also perform well in time trial and road racing. The wheelset weighs in at 1,355g only, with a 640g front wheel and 715g rear wheel.

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