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Vulpine Merino Button Cycling Jersey


vulpine merino button cycling jersey   Vulpine Merino Button Cycling Jersey

Included in the bike clothing apparel range released by the new brand Vulpine for 2012 is the Vulpine Merino Button Cycling Jersey. Highly functional and fashionable, the garment can be worn as a base layer or as a cycling jersey with arm warmers.

Tailored with full-merino wool, impeccable flatlock stitching, and careful attention to detail, this Vulpine cycling jersey is sweat-wicking, odor-free, soft, and very comfortable. At the rear of the jersey are reflective details and a light loop for visibility.

In order to keep it from riding up, the jersey comes with a silicone waist gripper. It has three cleverly set up rear pockets, one of which has a zip to keep the flapjack from bouncing out. Overall, the jersey is so light that riders can hardly feel they are wearing it.


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Outlier Blazed Cotton Pivot Shirt

outlier blazed cotton pivot shirt   Outlier Blazed Cotton Pivot Shirt

For 2012, Outlier has launched a new garment for outdoorsy men called the Blazed Cotton Pivot Shirt. With its highly functional features, this shirt can tackle the demands of sporty activities, such as intense or all-day cycling.

Sweat and dirt when cycling can be easily repelled by Outlier’s custom-made Blazed Cotton shirting fabric. The shirt also has a patent-pending Pivot Sleeve, which offers cyclists freedom of movement.

While it is originally tailored for everyday cycling, the Blazed Cotton Pivot Shirt can tackle almost all daily situations, thanks to its hydrophobic and highly breathable fabric that features openpoint oxford and a Nano-Tex treatment.

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GripRings Handle Bar Grips by Spurcycle

griprings handle bar grips by spurcycle   GripRings Handle Bar Grips by Spurcycle

A new brand of bicycle accessories, Spurcycle, introduces its first product called GripRings Handle Bar Grips. Featuring a high-quality silicon rubber, these bike grips are not only brightly colored but also durable and comfortable.

Each of the GripRings handlebar grips, which can be modified in terms of color, width, and length, is put together from a series of rings. It is easy to install these rings with a secure fit even without stretch-on and tools.

Included in the unique features of the GripRings are its end-plug protects bar end and elastic positioning across various handlebar styles. The grips are also available in 12 colors, which can be configured to millions of patterns.


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Rollin’ Bike by Moritz Menacher

rollin bike by moritz menacher   Rollin’ Bike by Moritz Menacher

Moritz Menacher has designed a lightweight, stylish, and functional machine for urban transportation, which is called Rollin’ Bike. This city bike can be carried around without any hassle, and it cannot be stolen easily owing to the easy-to-use stationary lock integrated to its frame.

What allowed Menacher to shave as much > grams off the Rollin’ Bike as possible and shape it with a topnotch aesthetics is the single sheet of laser-cut aluminum, which has been folded to offer extra stability.

Inspired by contemporary interior design, the Rollin’ Bike stands out with its chic looks and superb urban commuting functionality. Moreover, its geometrical design allows for ultimate speed on the crowded city streets.


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2012 Budnitz Bicycles Model No.4 BMX Bike

2012 budnitz bicycles model no 4 bmx bike   2012 Budnitz Bicycles Model No.4 BMX Bike

Designed by Paul Budnitz, the Budnitz Bicycles Model No.4 launched for 2012 is a cruiser-sized BMX bike that comes with 24in wheels. This BMX bike is crafted as a small, space-efficient, and elegant machine that can roll over almost anything in the city streets.

As an ultimate travel bike, the Budnitz Bicycles Model No.4 can easily fit any place in the city and at the same time tackle road shock, curbs, and potholes without any hassle, thanks to its compact size, BMX geometry, and an arched stainless-steel cantilever frame.

Not only is the Model No.4 engineered to tackle the elements of urban riding, such as heavy traffic, especially with its lightning fast rolling 24in racing tires, tt also is a perfect item for an active city rider’s fashion statement.


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11-Year-Old Bryce Tryon Lands World’s Youngest Back Flip Barspin

11 year old bryce tryon is worlds youngest rider to do a back flip barspin   11 Year Old Bryce Tryon Lands World’s Youngest Back Flip Barspin

A BMX record has just been broken by a young ripper named Bryce Tryon, who has pulled off a back flip barspin. Tryon is only 11 years old, making him the youngest rider in the world to ever successfully perform such a complicated trick like that.

As early as the age of 9, Bryce Tryon already started participating in BMX competitions and continued making a name for his own in the world of BMX riding.

The said record-breaking feat took place at Woodward West in Tehachapi, California.


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Deity Components: Fall 2012 Prototypes + Production

deity components fall 2012 prototypes production   Deity Components: Fall 2012 Prototypes + Production

Deity showed up to the Sea Otter Classic ready with some of their Fall 2012 components. Some shown are prototypes while others are the production version.

First up from Deity is the CZ38 Special Handlebar, which is Cameron Zink’s signature model. This is a prototype that Cameron is currently testing. Constructed of 7075 T6 gradient butted aluminum, 760mm width and 38mm of rise. Weighing in at 310 grams, the bars will come in murder black, black and white, red, green and purple.

Another prototype, the Locust direct mount is made of CNC 7075 T6 aluminum, 65mm wide with an overall stiff setup. The weight is 117 grams. Upon release, the Locust Direct Mount will come in black, red, purple and green.

Deity also had a handful of seats on display, the Pinner DH, Rally I-Beam, Thimble I-Beam and Mainline DH.

The Deity Pinner DH seat utilizes lightweight…

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