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Edible Fixed Gear Bike


edible fixed gear bikes1   Edible Fixed Gear Bike

What appears to be a rideable fixed gear bike is actually an edible fixie.

Photographed by Fabian Öhrn and art director Joakim Hedblad, the edible bicycle is a piece of art work made entirely out of fruits and veggies with syrups used as an adhesive. The work is a true reflection of its subculture, a society of brilliant minds.

Though edible, it is probably a prime example of food that looks better than it tastes.

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hard graft Flat Pack MacBook Air 13 Inch Case

hard graft flat pack macbook air   hard graft Flat Pack MacBook Air 13 Inch Case

Let’s face it, electronics have become so embedded into our lives, a good, stylish case for that 13 Inch Mac is essential to our daily commutes. Let’s turn our attention to the hard graft Flat Pack MacBook Air 13 Inch case.

To complement the urban city bike appeal of today, hard graft delivers a simplistic design using caramel tanned Italian leather suede. The case slings over the shoulder and lands comfortably in saddle position.

With room for a 13 inch MacBook Air, battery charger and maybe an iPad or notepad, the hard graft Flat Pack MacBook Air 13 Inch isn’t as functional as it is designer. EUR229.

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Virus StayWarm Clothing Line, Recycled Coffee Bean Cycling Apparel

virus staywarm clothing line recycled coffee bean cycling apparel   Virus StayWarm Clothing Line, Recycled Coffee Bean Cycling Apparel

California based company Virus sets a green example with its StayWarm line by using coffee grinds in its constructions as a main ingredient.

The coffee charcoal, as it is commonly referred to as, is used to trap heat in order for its user to endure cooler temperatures. It also makes use of what most consider waste, making it a green choice for the environment.

With a perfect normal look and feel, why wouldn’t you go the recycled way? Check out Virus and the rest of its recycled coffee bean cycling apparel….

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2012 Fox Banded, Rapid, and Oxford Mountain Bike T-Shirts

2012 fox banded rapid and oxford mountain bike t shirts   2012 Fox Banded, Rapid, and Oxford Mountain Bike T Shirts
Good and fairly cheap product. Viagra pill! The difference between a brand name medication and a generic is in the name, shape and price.

Three of the good-looking mountain bike shirts introduced by Fox for 2012 are the Banded, Rapid, and Oxford. First, the Fox Banded celebrex without prescription T Shirt has a Fox Head logo com – This site is a mecca for online players. that is made from colored elastic bands. On the black contrast shirt is a bright print, which further accentuates the design.

As its name suggests, the Fox Rapid T Shirt features a fast feel with its motion fox head logo that has lines traveling outward on the chest and a small brand name along its back sleeve. On the other hand, the Fox Oxford T Shirt is reasonably priced unlike its name implies.

All of the 2012 Fox…

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2012 Specialized Source Eleven Commuter Bike

   2012 Specialized Source Eleven Commuter Bike

For 2012, Specialized has released its top-of-the-line bike, especially designed for commuters, called Source Eleven. For optimal low-maintenance efficiency, this commuter bike features an 11-speed Shimano Alfine internal gearing, which comes with a Gates CenterTrack belt drive.

Equipped with versatile specs, the Source Eleven is the perfect machine for those who are looking for a bike that can go anywhere at anytime. These amazing specs include a Supernova Infinity 8 dynamo hub, internally routed cables, tail light wiring, and a Pletscher kickstand with an integrated plate.

Excellent at multitasking, the 2012 Specialized Source Eleven Commuter Bike can tackle various types of ride, from commuting to off road camping. This bike owes its incredible versatility to its rack, alloy fenders, and Alfine hydraulic disc brakes as well as integrated Infinity E3 lights for front and rear.

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Hubless, Reversible ‘Twist Bike’ by Jose Hurtado

hubless twist bike by jose hurtado   Hubless, Reversible Twist Bike by Jose Hurtado

Jose Hurtado is the brain behind the Twist Bike, a bike designed hubless with reversible capabilities. In addition to its unorthodox qualities, the Twist Bike can be connected to other Twists for a chain of tandem riding riders.

A minimalism design was deployed on all aspects. Nothing about this bike is conventional, except for its functionality. Even its gearing system takes on a modern, chic form.

Highly versatility with plenty to wow, the hubless Twist Bike definitely earns a place in our book for design and innovation. Which of its features rank highest for you?

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Model NO. 3 Bike by Paul Budnitz Bicycles

model number 3 bike by paul budbitz bicycles   Model NO. 3 Bike by Paul Budnitz Bicycles

Paul Budnitz, creator of designer toys Kidrobot, debuts his latest cycling beauty, Model NO. 3 Bike. Budnitz Bicycles, as the company is now known, began with stainless steel and black Cro-mo steel to create two options for its fans.

Its Cantilever Frame absorbs the roads imperfections to a comfortable degree. The bike features Shimano’s Alfine Internal Hub that gets paired with a Gates Center Track Belt Drive for a modern feel. Stopping its 29-inch wheels are Avid BB7 mechanical disc brakes.

The No. 3 is luxury on two wheels. Exclusively available on the Budnitz Bicycles online site, the Paul Budnitz third ride goes for US$2,800.

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