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2012 GT Zaskar Sport Mountain Bike


2012 gt zaskar sport mountain bike   2012 GT Zaskar Sport Mountain Bike

For those who are looking for a mountain bike that they can use for a lifetime, the new Zaskar Sport is an excellent choice. Released by GT Bicycles for 2012, this mountain bike combines light weight with superb durability, strength, and stiffness.

Built from a hydroformed 6061-T6 aluminum frame, the Zaskar Sport is not only a lightweight bike that guarantees speed on the trail. This trail bike provides a responsive and stiff ride and a competitive performance, as well.

With high-quality Tektro and Shimano components, the 2012 GT Zaskar Sport Mountain Bike can tackle intense rides on the trail. Other trail-specific features include its WTB Silverado Comp saddle, Maxxis tires, and All Terra alloy hubs and seat post.

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2012 Gazelle Friiik Hybrid Bike

2012 gazelle friiik hybrid bike   2012 Gazelle Friiik Hybrid Bike

For riders who are looking for a different machine, Gazelle Cycles has created a revolutionary hybrid bike called Friiik for 2012. Included in its unique design is its modern frame and single-sided rear wheel suspension.

Through the innovativeness and ingenuity of Gazelle, the Friiik was crafted by combining the advantages of a derailleur and hub gear systems. What makes this hybrid bike hassle-free and incredibly strong is its metal chain guard. With its ground-breaking patented gear-shift system, this bike offers both low maintenance and the best possible convenience.

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2012 Fox Racing Giant Ranger Mountain Bike Shorts

2012 fox racing giant ranger mountain bike short   2012 Fox Racing Giant Ranger Mountain Bike Shorts

For 2012, Fox Racing has reintroduced its cycling shorts called Ranger, which has been the favorite of mid-level mountain bike riders for several years. In collaboration with Giant, these shorts are crafted to be very stylish but still affordable.

Specifically design for mountain bike rides, the Ranger offers just the right fit through its interior adjustable waistband. The severity of the trail is tackled well with the short’s optimal abrasion resistance and durability, thanks to its nylon outer shell.
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For cross country trail riders, the 2012 Fox Giant Ranger Mountain Bike Shorts are ideal, especially for long-distance rides. The short is also amply designed with multiple pockets to accommodate and secure several essentials for long-distance…

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2012 Gazelle Luzern Plus City Bike

2012 gazelle luzern plus city bike   2012 Gazelle Luzern Plus City Bike

Another excellent bike from Gazelle Bicycles is a unique city bike called Luzern Plus, which has been released for 2012. While its makers kept its weight as low as possible, this city bike is equipped with all the necessary components.

As compared to Gazelle’s retro designs, the design of the Luzern Plus is quite different. This state-of-the-art city bike is tailored to be an angular and stiff sporty bike
that characterizes rationality. Along with its seven speeds is a straight rigid fork, sporty geometry, and precise steering.
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Employing High Modernist Functionalism, the 2012 Gazelle Luzern Plus City Bike is definitely a highly competitive urban riding companion….

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2012 Saracen Urban Cross 2 City Bike

2012 saracen urban cross 2 city bike   2012 Saracen Urban Cross 2 City Bike

One of the popular city bikes on the market today is the Urban Cross 2, which is included in the latest 2012 range of Saracen Cycles. This functional and lightweight city bike is designed with short-distance urban commuters in mind.

Built from an urban 6061 hydroformed
alloy frame, the Urban Cross 2 tackles the urban environment flawlessly. Other urban riding-specific features include its Suntour NVX 75mm travel fork, Saracen Custom Urban, Kenda tires, and several Shimano components.

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For the fashion-conscious urban rider, the 2012 Saracen Urban Cross 2 City Bike is a must-have. Moreover, while this city bike is exceptionally stylish, it is built from carefully selected parts that make it incredibly affordable.


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2012 Gazelle Cabby Cargo Bike

2012 gazelle cabby cargo bike   2012 Gazelle Cabby Cargo Bike
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A unique and top-quality family bike called Cabby has been released by Gazelle Bicycles for 2012. Equipped special specs, this modern cargo bike offers maximum comfort to riders, whether large or small.

Major features of the Cabby include its seven-speed gears, quick-release seat post, and a comfortable Selle Royal Coast saddle with gel. With such a package of components, this cargo bike is a perfect alternative to cars that make shopping with kids more convenient and fun.

Riding, unloading, and parking the 2012 Gazelle Cabby Cargo Bike is very easy so it is ideal for the family. Its luggage compartment can be either wholly removed or folded to make the bike narrower,…

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2012 Ridgeback Momentum Hybrid Bike

2012 ridgeback momentum hybrid bike   2012 Ridgeback Momentum Hybrid Bike
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Ridgeback Bicycles has released one of the leading hybrid bikes for 2012, which is called Momentum. For riders who are looking for a durable and stylish bike that they can use on a daily basis, this hybrid bike is an excellent choice.

Whether on-road or off-road, the Momentum offers optimal comfort as well as a practically upright riding position. Riding comfort is further enhanced by its seatpost suspension making this lightweight and fast hybrid bike perfect for climbing hills.

To guarantee a smooth ride on rough terrain, the 2012 Ridgeback Momentum Hybrid Bike features a suspension fork that comes with a full lock out. With an SR adjustable lockout suspension, this bike is not only versatile but also highly adaptable….

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