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Brett Banasiewicz: How to No Hander Air Video


YouTube makes it easy for individuals to make themselves heard, show a new product or a how-to video. 17 year old Brett Banasiewicz breaks down in his latest video how to land a “No Hander Air”.

Banasiewicz shows step by step including the speed you should go to successfully land a No Hander Air. Watch the video and get out their on your BMX bike to learn.

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Bicycle Portraits Books – 162 Cyclists in South Africa

bicycle portraits book 162 cyclists south africa   Bicycle Portraits Books   162 Cyclists in South Africa

Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler set out for a journey in South Africa. Over 2 years, the two would photograph cyclists, with the best pictures making their book “Bicycle Portraits”.

The duo took around 500 pictures and stories of cyclists in South Africa, with only 162 making their books. In total, three books will release, each will have 54 stories and two write ups from international cyclists figures (each).

The book is designed by Gabrielle Guy, a hand painted watercolor map is also included that is designed by Gabrielle Raaff that pin points the location of each picture.

As of writing, the book is available for pre-order at Dayonepublications.

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Bivi Bike Hook – Hang Your Bicycle in Style

bivi bike hook hang your bicycle in style   Bivi Bike Hook   Hang Your Bicycle in Style

For cyclists that like to ride their bikes to work but worry about locking up outside, the Bivi Bike Hook is the newest product to utilize the best of your space.

The Bivi Bike Hook does two things: 1. saves space in your office. 2. puts your bike on display, almost like a piece of art. You can mount the Bivi hook on the wall, or have it stand (like a tripod) in the middle of your office.

You can purchase the Bivi hook now for $99 at MyTurnStone.

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2012 Black Eye Intergalactic BMX Bike

2012 black eye intergalactic bmx bike   2012 Black Eye Intergalactic BMX Bike

Weighing in at only 11.88kg, the Intergalactic is one of the most lightweight BMX Bikes on the market today. Released by Black Eye Bikes, this BMX bike is a great choice for those who are on a budget but want a reliable machine.

Built from a hi-tensile frame and fork with 14mm dropouts, the Intergalactic is not only lightweight but incredibly sturdy, as well. The only downside that can be seen in this BMX bike is that it does not feature a gyro.

Overall, the 2012 Black Eye Intergalactic BMX Bike is highly recommended especially for entry-level riders. Included in its beginner-friendly features is its Unsealed American bottom bracket, 170mm one-piece forged cromoly cranks, and Mechanik sprocket and pedals.

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2012 Gazelle Chamonix Lite City Bike

2012 gazelle chamonix lite city bike   2012 Gazelle Chamonix Lite City Bike

Urban riding is really fun with highly practical but sporty city bikes, such as the Chamonix Lite. Released by Gazelle Bicycles for 2012, this very popular city bike takes pride in its extensive list of state-of-the-art components.

As the name implies, the Chamonix Lite is incredibly lightweight, thanks to its aluminum frame and its Nexus Premium eight-speed hub gears. Also very lightweight, its front fork comes with an integrated spring suspension and uses V-brakes rather than hub brakes.

Several features contribute to the shaving off of the grams of the 2012 Gazelle Chamonix Lite City Bike. These include its rear rack and battery lights. Weighing in at only 16.3kg, this high-quality lightweight city bike is unique, comfortable, and stylish.

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2012 Amity Zenta 2 BMX Bike

2012 amity zenta 2 bmx bike   2012 Amity Zenta 2 BMX Bike
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Amity Bike Co. has released 20in-wheel BMX bikes for 2012, which includes the Zenta 2. The first thing that can be noticed with this BMX bike is its impressive aesthetics owing to its chrome finish matched with anodized red components.

On the other hand, the Zenta 2 is more than just a great-looking BMX bike. It's also pharmacy online loaded with high-quality components that can tackle the elements of the skate parks viagra online and the trails. With order viagra canada pharmacy its stability maintained, the bike is made as lightweight as possible.

Built from a…

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2012 Ridgeback Panorama Touring Bike

2012 ridgeback panorama touring bike   2012 Ridgeback Panorama Touring Bike
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For 2012, Ridgeback Bicycles has carefully selected high-quality components and created a new touring bike called Panorama. With high-end Shimano XT, Tiagra and Deore parts, this best online casino touring bike is definitely a trustworthy touring companion.

Built from butted Reynolds 725 tubing, the frame of the Panorama is incredibly lightweight. Still, it can tackle fully-loaded touring with great strength and ease. This strong but lightweight frame also comes with a triple-butted cromoly fork that is lightweight and supple.

Riders who are fond of expeditions and long-distance tours find the 2012 Ridgeback Panorama Touring Bike the ideal machine. Major features also include Tiagra STI shift levers, a front rack, and lightweight but tough wheels.

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