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2012 Ridgeback Motion Hybrid Bike


2012 ridgeback motion hybrid bike   2012 Ridgeback Motion Hybrid Bike

For entry-level riders who are looking for a hybrid bike, one excellent choice is the new Motion, which has been launched by Ridgeback Bicycles for 2012. Despite its lack of accessories, the Motion is labeled as a comfort hybrid bike as it is quite upright.

Designed with recreational riders in mind, the Motion is built from an aluminum frame with a stiff steel fork, as Why Do People Use ? is used because it produces euphoria, is a stimulant, suppresses appetite, and can be used as a pain reliever. well as 21-speed gearing from Shimano. Aside from being lightweight, this aluminum frame also features impressive aesthetics.

What is more, the 2012 Ridgeback Motion Hybrid Bike is one of the most inexpensive bikes on the market today. Riders who are on a budget and want to hone their riding skills whether on…

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2012 661 Dirt Lid BMX Helmet

2012 661 dirt lid bmx helmet   2012 661 Dirt Lid BMX Helmet

A new cycling helmet designed specifically for BMX riders called Dirt Lid has been released by 661 for 2012. By integrating the latest technology to high-quality cycling items, the 661 designers were able to create a helmet that offers outstanding protection and maximum comfort.

Combining safety and light weight, the Dirt Lid is a dirt/street-style helmet that features a 3-Pad fit kit. Thus, it can accommodate all types of riders in terms of size. Durability is guaranteed by the helmet’s ABS plastic outer shell and EPS foam inner shell with removable cloth liner padding.

Wearing the 2012 661 Dirt Lid BMX Helmet is one of the ways to stay safe and comfortable during intense rides. Packed with state-of-the-art features, this BMX helmet meets several bicycle helmet standards.


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Boy – Short Film by Prasanna Puwanarajah

Prasanna Puwanarajah has created a new short film titled “Boy”.

Boy is centered around a carpenter who is building the Olympic Velodrome track and his son who is an avid cyclists. The film stars Timothy Spall and directed by Justin Chadwick.

Even though the film is silent, that’s right no dialogue at all, the message is clear and will touch everyone from everyday cyclists to people riding once a month. The film is sure to bring up some memories.

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COGOO Turntable Rider – Cycle and DJ at the Same Time

Japanese bicycle company Cogoo has put together a few prototypes of the Turntable Rider. This invention mashes the world of cycling and DJing into one.

How does this work? The COGOO Turntable Rider converts the wheels into jog wheels, the brakes will act as a sound pad and you attache a gyroscopic motion sensor for a fader pad. Music will come from either your iPhone or iPod.

Making it’s official debut at Kaikoo Popwave Festival 2012, COGOO said they will put the Turntable Rider into full production if they receive 5,900 FaceBook likes.

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Brett Banasiewicz: How to No Hander Air Video

YouTube makes it easy for individuals to make themselves heard, show a new product or a how-to video. 17 year old Brett Banasiewicz breaks down in his latest video how to land a “No Hander Air”.

Banasiewicz shows step by step including the speed you should go to successfully land a No Hander Air. Watch the video and get out their on your BMX bike to learn.

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Bicycle Portraits Books – 162 Cyclists in South Africa

bicycle portraits book 162 cyclists south africa   Bicycle Portraits Books   162 Cyclists in South Africa

Stan Engelbrecht and Nic Grobler set out for a journey in South Africa. Over 2 years, the two would photograph cyclists, with the best pictures making their book “Bicycle Portraits”.

The duo took around 500 pictures and stories of cyclists in South Africa, with only 162 making their books. In total, three books will release, each will have 54 stories and two write ups from international cyclists figures (each).

The book is designed by Gabrielle Guy, a hand painted watercolor map is also included that is designed by Gabrielle Raaff that pin points the location of each picture.

As of writing, the book is available for pre-order at Dayonepublications.

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Bivi Bike Hook – Hang Your Bicycle in Style

bivi bike hook hang your bicycle in style   Bivi Bike Hook   Hang Your Bicycle in Style

For cyclists that like to ride their bikes to work but worry about locking up outside, the Bivi Bike Hook is the newest product to utilize the best of your space.

The Bivi Bike Hook does two things: 1. saves space in your office. 2. puts your bike on display, almost like a piece of art. You can mount the Bivi hook on the wall, or have it stand (like a tripod) in the middle of your office.

You can purchase the Bivi hook now for $99 at MyTurnStone.

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