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Specialized Mountain Bike History

vintage specialized mountain bike   Specialized Mountain BikesFounded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard, Specialized mountain bikes are manufactured by Specialized Bicycle Components. Today, the company is recognized as a leader in the bicycle industry. Some of Specialized’s major competitors include Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Pacific Cycle, LLC and Trek Bicycle Corporation.

Many avid mountain bikers might already be familiar with the name Mike Sinyard, a man who built bikes that reflected the mantra “It’s not just a new bicycle, it’s a whole new sport.” Back then, the very first version of the Specialized mountain bike came in the form of a 15-speed vehicle made from composite steel, weighing in at 29 pounds. The initial production was 250 units which quickly sold out, followed by another batch of 250 units – and the rest is mountain biking history.

All this occurred way back in 1974 when Sinyard founded the company that now manufactures Specialized mountain bikes. Since then, the product and Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc. has undergone several changes, and many firsts were introduced. For example, it was in 1976 that the company designed their very first self-made product which is a tire designed for the touring market. In 1981, the Stump Jumper was introduced – which is the first Specialized mountain bike to have ever hit the market.

In 1989, the company joined forces with DuPont to produce the composite wheel which is being used in Specialized mountain bikes to this day. A year later, the M2 metal-matrix composite technology was used and marketed under the Full Force brand. However, this stopped in 1996.

specialized mountain bike full suspension   Specialized Mountain BikesFinally, in 2001, Merida bought shares of Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc. in its goal of meeting increased sales. Today, Specialized and other Specialized mountain bike models are commonplace in the market. The brand is known for producing quality bicycles at an affordable price. With roots that extending deep into the bike industry, mountain bikes have almost become synonymous with the Specialized brand.