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Kona Mountain Bike History

vintage kona mountain bike   Kona Mountain BikesIf you hear or read the words “Stinky”, “Cinder Cone“, and “Sex Two“, what comes to mind? For those that do not know, these are some of the names of Kona Mountain Bikes. The founders of Kona Mountain Bikes share a love of the wild and weird, and this fun-filled spirit is evident in their penchant for giving the weirdest and wackiest names you could ever think of for a bicycle.

Founded in 1988 by Jacob Heilbron, Dan Gerhard, and MTB champ Joe Murray, Kona Bicycles was named so because the owners were madly in love with Kailua-Kona in Hawaii, and probably couldn’t think of a better name to give their company.

This habit of giving weird names didn’t stop with the company name, either. Early Kona Mountain bikes were named after volcanic and Hawaiian terms, like Hei Hei, Explosif, Hahannah, Fire Mountain, and yes, Cinder Cone. More names of the tongue-in-cheek variety appeared later, such as Stinky, Coiler, Sex One and Sex Two.

But make no mistake: despite the wacky names, there is nothing funny about the technology that Kona uses in making its high-performance mountain, touring, and racing bikes. Kona is famous for building arguably the best bicycles for specialized purposes like World Cup downhill racing, pro road racing, freestyle, and dirt-jumping.

kona full suspension mountain bike   Kona Mountain BikesOne of Kona mountain bikes well-known secrets is using Scandium technology for building their high-tech bikes. Scandium is reputed for being one of the lightest, yet strongest metals in the world, and Kona takes pride in using it liberally in its entire bicycle line. The company also includes other high-tech designs such as the hydroformed tubing, Magic Link, and the sloping tube top in creating its specialty bikes.

With a tradition of using nothing but the best technology and materials for building world-class bikes, both for professional competition or just riding enjoyment, Kona mountain bicycles is maintaining a firm grip as one of the best in the mountain biking industry.