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GT Mountain Bike History

vintage gt mountain bikes   GT Mountain BikesGT Bicycles is considered as a big name in mountain, road and bmx bicycles in the United States. GT mountain bike history started from Gary Turner back in 1979. Gary Turner was a welding engineer and together with Richard long they started the bicycle production. Long is a bike shop owner at that time. This made it easier for the two to set up a company on bike production. GT and Schwinn joined together in 1998 although it was short lived up to 2001 only. It was not until in 2004 when the company found another “home” under Dorel Industries. GT gained management over Dyno Products and Auburn Racing. The company also gained authority over Robinson Racing.

GT mountain bikes can be easily recognized because of their “triple triangle” frame design. This design is mostly evident in many hard-tail bike editions of GT. The same goes for previous BMX frames. Anyone can easily spot the inch-and-a-half set up near the frame’s rear. This new technology by GT can lessen the amount of vibration made from the rear wheel and felt on the seat. Later on, GT bikes all had customized “GT” stamps towards the end of the bike’s overhung tube. The partnership Turner and Long was successful enough to propel the company as one of the world’s leading BMX mountain bike manufacturers.

Turner’s attention to BMX bicycles started when his started participating in different bicycle motocross events. Turner noticed the bikes used for the sport was somewhat heavy and frail. This spawned his interest in making frames for BMX bicycles which eventually happened. Turner started making frames for his to use. With considerable drag racing experience, Turner incorporated the tubing system used in drag racing like the chro-moly and chassis production in the design of his BMX’s frame. Many races recognized the advantages of Turner’s frames and soon Turner was making frames for other racers as well. This is also gained the attention of Long and soon the two established their well known partnership.

gt full suspension mountain bike   GT Mountain BikesIt was in the 1987-1994 that GT noticed the surge in mountain biking than BMX. As expected, the company began venturing into mountain bike production. GT introduced the 4-bar linkage to the market. It also released the legendary FOX ALPS 5. This made GT a household name in mountain bike manufacture. In 1999-2001, GT further ventured into developing mountain bike innovations. The company created i-Drive® suspension. The new technology was well received by GT mountain bikes experts and enthusiasts. It was the season when suspended bikes were the most demanded thing on the market and GT made sure it was coping just right with the trend. Several years after, GT made new breakthroughs in free riding. The company introduced a model with enhanced i-Drive® suspension, the Ruckus i-Drive®. i-Drive® 7 was also launched afterwards. Aside from releasing bikes with enhanced suspension and handling facility, the company also focused on the IT-1. It was the first production gearbox design to come out. Presently, the company is still set on providing quality bikes for different racing events and free riding activities.