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Giant Mountain Bike History

vintage giant mountain bike   Giant Mountain BikesGiant Mountain Bike history dates back to 1971 when King Liu’s eel farm was hit by a typhoon. Liu is a Japanese educated engineer. Starting from scratch, Liu was able to raise $100,000 as initial capital for a bicycle production venture. With help from associates, the company was established just outside Taichung’s port city in Taiwan. The company was later called Giant. After a few years, Liu gained another company from Tony Lo. He became the manager as well as co-owner of the flourishing bicycle factory. One of the company’s initial clients was West Coast Cycle. The company was responsible for the production of the Nishiki.

Giant saw an opportunity in the American market when manufacturers started struggling to keep up with the increasing demand. Giant began initiating talks with some of the country’s leading brands. The establishment of the company came when Schwinn signed for a contract. Giant’s efforts finally paid off after four years. In 1977, the company introduced its first Schwinn World ten-speed mountain bike. Consequently, Giant was able to impress Schwinn with its top quality bikes.

hardtail giant mountain bike   Giant Mountain BikesGiant saw a steady flow of market from the onset of the 1980s. The Giant mountain bike production for Schwinn reached 100,000 bicycles per year. However, as the aging facilities of Schwinn struggled, Giant was handling more and more of the production. Schwinn eventually became dependent on Giant’s manufacturing capabilities. Fall 1982, Giant produced 130,000 bikes for Schwinn. The BMX Schwinn Predators were Schwinn’s initial successful offering. Giant increased production for Schwinn towards the end of the year. Later, the company released Schwinn’s primary product the chrome-moly mountain bikes: Sierra and the High Sierra.

To date, the Giant has been highly recognized for its mountain bike production. Giant is the pioneer for mass-produce high-end aluminum bikes. The company was also one of the forerunners and successful companies to integrate composite into bicycles. From its earlier models Giant now gave way to newer and advanced bike technologies such as: Advanced Composite Technology, Trinity Advanced SL, and Alliance etc.

full suspension giant mountain bike   Giant Mountain BikesThe Advanced Composite Technology of the company allows balance for three important things in cycling: stiffness, light weight and ride quality. Giant mountain bikes are equipped with bare carbon thread furnished with a fully handmade frame built with strategic coats of Uni-Directional (UD) carbon. Giant’s Trinity Advanced SL paved the way for biker’s to defy aerodynamic limitations. Alliance on the other hand introduced a new technology incorporating two conventionally separate frame materials: aluminum and composite. The company is continually branching out to different bike production components.