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Gary Fisher Mountain Bike History

vintage gary fisher mountain bike   Gary Fisher Mountain BikesPerhaps one of the most iconic models under the Gary Fisher mountain bike label is the 29”er. This Gary Fisher mountain bike is considered a big wheeler – but it hasn’t always been the market success that it is today – the design itself was off to a rough start. The same thing holds true for the history of Gary Fisher Mountain Bikes which was founded in 1983.

Any mountain biking enthusiast worth his or her salt should have already heard of the name Gary Fisher. Born in 1950, Fisher expressed an early affinity to the sport of road track racing when he was 12. At this age, he was already in competition and joining national track races under the Amateur Bicycle League of America. The next year, the young Fisher placed second in cyclocross competitions for the Northern California District Road Championships. Perhaps one of the oddest ‘highlights’ of his career was when he was suspended from racing bikes due to wearing his hair too long. It was only in 1972, when the rule was lifted, that he started racing again. So how did the Gary Fisher mountain bikes come about? It was in 1974 that Gary built the renowned Schwinn Excelsior X, the first Gary Fisher mountain bike which was built with a wide gear range.

The original Gary Fisher mountain bike bagged the title “Top 10 All-Time Best Mountain Bikes”. The recognition was given by the Mountain Bike Action magazine. The original set of Gary Fisher mountain bikes were also pioneering in the sense that the design included thumbshifters, motorcycle brake levers, quick release seatposts, extra-long crank arms and triple chainrings.

gary fisher mountain bike full suspension   Gary Fisher Mountain BikesIt was in 1983 that the company Gary Fisher was finally built. Ten years later, the company manufacturing Gary Fisher mountain bikes was purchased by Trek, although Fisher remained involved with the design and marketing. in 1988, Fisher grabbed the honor of being introduced into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame and even the Smithsonian magazine dubbed him as the “Founding Father of Mountain Bikes” in 1994. All in all, the life of the man behind the creation of the original Gary Fisher mountain bike is filled with professional ups and downs. Without his contributions to the mountain bike manufacturing industry, the sport probably wouldn’t be as popular, exciting and colourful as it is today.