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Cannondale Mountain Bike History

vintage cannondale mountain bike   Cannondale Mountain BikesNamed after a train station in Connecticut, Cannondale Bicycle Corporation was founded by Joe Montgomery way back in 1971. They weren’t really into manufacturing Cannondale mountain bikes back then – instead, they dabbled in producing backpacks and bags for camping. Later on, Montgomery spearheaded the production of bicycles which were specifically designed for touring. Aside from manufacturing Cannondale mountain bike models, they also produce bicycle components.

Moving on to the what started the company, founder Joe Montgomery encountered a near-death experience which prompted him to re-analyze his life. He later found himself working for a title-less job on Wallstreet, which taught him about the business side of things. He decided to start a bicycle business because he saw that the technology used could do with much improvement, and he thought that eliminating the need for a distributor will be a good thing for the bike manufacturing industry as a whole.

It was in 1983 that the company introduced the first Cannondale mountain bike. When comparing early Cannondale mountain bikes against its competition, the wide tires, straight handle bars and bullet-proof design, equipped it for market success.

cannondale mountain bikes full suspension   Cannondale Mountain BikesToday, Cannondale is one of the leading aluminum bicycle manufactures. The bike giant currently selling about 80 models in more than 70 countries world-wide and employees more than 890 people. The current line of Cannondale models include full suspension bikes, hardtail, road bikes, recreation, urban and specialty mountain bikes. Cutting edge, innovative design, and high-quality are characteristics often associated with the brand Cannondale.

In addition, Cannondale mountain bikes come in a wide wide selection of models to choose from, which are used by athletes and mountain bike enthusiasts alike. As Montgomery himself said in an interview with Mountain Biking, the company does not necessarily want to sell the most bikes. Instead, they want to be “the Mercedes Benz, the Volvo, the Porsche of the bicycle world”.