pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 SE Fixed Gear Bikes

The SE 2011 Fixed Gear series is solid, with upgrades added to the 2011 PK Ripper. As you already know, the PK Ripper is three years in the making and has came a long way since. The 2011 SE Ripper furthers the freestyle realm with it’s geometry and components. Other models apart of the 2011 SE Fixed Gear bikes are the Lager, Draft and Draft Lite. For the PK Ripper you will have to spend about $800, and with the Draft around $300.

SE Fixed Gear Bikes 2011

SE 2011 Fixed Gear Bikes
SE PK Ripper 2011 Fixed Gear
SE Lager 2011 Fixed Gear
SE Draft Lite 2011 Fixed Gear
SE Draft 2011 Fixed Gear