pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Fuji Fixed Gear Bikes

As the years before, the 2011 Fuji Fixed Gear series features many tack bikes. This year, Fuji introduces the Declaration which can also be used as a commuter or freestyle bike. The Fuji classic track is also back in 2011, and a 650 model for kids has also released. Minor changes to the Fuji Feather have been made, but ultimately the change of available colors is the main standout.

Fuji Fixed Gear Bikes 2011

Fuji 2011 Fixed Gear Bikes
Fuji Track 1.0 2011 Fixed Gear
Fuji Track 2.0 2011 Fixed Gear
Fuji Classic Track 2011 Fixed Gear
Fuji Feather 2011 Fixed Gear
Fuji Declaration 2011 Fixed Gear
Fuji Classic Track 650 2011 Fixed Gear