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cyclocross bike focus   Cyclocross BikesCycloross Bikes is a form of bicycle intended to handle the rigidity of cyclocross racing. It has the essential design of a typical road bicycle, with the same drop bars and 700c wheels. The major modifications of a cyclocross bike are its girder brakes that offer a stronger halting control, and a broader clearance to match its wide tires that’s built to handle all the mud and debris on the road. The frame of a cyclocross bike is also extensive enough so that its tires can rotate easily on rigid tracks.

Cyclocross racing began in Europe during the early 1900s when European cyclists raced with each other over vast rice fields and rough roads just to get to the next town first. European’s oftentimes refer to this race as the Steeple Chase, because a famous attraction of the next town where the race ends is an old steeple or tower. Cyclists find this type of racing more extreme and intensifying, as they race their way through very rugged trails and slopes that fittingly test their off-road skills. In addition, cyclocross racing was a great way for cyclists to remain healthy and fit during the fall and winter. The sports gradually developed and today, a growing number of cyclists prefer to focus on cyclocross racing.

cyclocross bike reviews   Cyclocross BikesThe first ever cyclocross race was initiated by Daniel Gousseau of France. He also took charge of the first French National Championship in 1902, which paved the way for other nearby European countries to try the sport too. Belgium had its first National Championship in 1910, followed by Switzerland and Luxembourg in 1912 and 1923, respectively. Spain and Italy joined the sports mania a few years after.

During the first international cyclocross race in 1924 held in Paris, cyclocross racing became fully known to the rest of the world. Cyclocross became popular in America during the 1970s. The first American cyclocross race was in New England, which eventually led to the first US National Championship in Berkeley, California. Today, Santa Cruz California has hosted the most cyclocross races in the US. Cyclocross racing has indeed gained more popularity in Europe and the United States over the turn of the century.