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2011 2XU Men’s Compression Tri Shorts

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 2XU Mens Compression Tri Shorts

2011 2xu mens compression tri shorts   2011 2XU Mens Compression Tri Shorts

The 2011 2XU Compression Tri Shorts for men are suitable for all triathlon race distances. The leading brand in compression and triathlon technology, 2XU manufactured these revolutionary tri shorts with quality features.

The fabric used in the shorts’ side panels is 2XU’s powerful 70 D/CK, which allows for power and durability. As for the main panels, the fabric used is 2XU’s new ICE-X. This 2XU’s new ICE-X fabric has the ability to reduce body temperature by up to 5°F, which is a great help for long and warm rides. An LD chamois pad in the main panel fabric allows the shorts to have more comfortable feel and be versatile for various race distances.

With its innovative features, the 2011 2XU Mens Compression Tri Shorts provides greater power to its rider. While muscle oscillation is reduced, its user achieves more power. On the other hand, while these tri shorts lessen muscle…

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2011 TorHans Aero30 Hydration Unit

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 TorHans Aero30 Hydration Unit

2011 torhans aero30 hydration unit   2011 TorHans Aero30 Hydration Unit

Founded by an entrepreneur and two passionate cyclists, the TorHans company aims to recreate poorly designed hydration units with a great amount of aerodynamic research. One of its newest products is the TorHans Aero30 Hydration Unit 2011.

The Aero30 has dual mounting channels and a trailing edge that give it great aerodynamic features, making the Aero30 match the head tube of almost any triathlon bike on the market. The dual mounting channels permit the mounting of a computer or utility holder that could contain a CPU, power meter, or energy gels. Also, the bottle can contain 30oz of liquid and the XFlow cap allowing more convenience. With the Aero30, riders do not have to worry about spilling and sloshing. It is also easier to refill at long course aid stations when the bottle is emptied.

The straw of the TorHans Aero30 Hydration Unit has a well-designed aero sleeve that masks…

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Bontrager Speed Limit Brakes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bontrager Speed Limit Brakes

bontrager speed limit brakes   Bontrager Speed Limit Brakes

There are factors that affect the braking performance of a brake set. These factors include the material of the rim, composition, wet or dry conditions, rider weight and hand strength. This model is one of the lightest and best performing brakes at a price of $199.99. The lightweight forged aluminum alloy material of this brakeset makes it weigh 270 grams only. A single-pivot Bontrager Speed Limit brake performs better than most dual-pivot designs. These brakes are ideal for triathlon or road use.

This model is designed to offer less weight and more stopping power. Through an innovative deemed PowerAmp™ linkage design, Bontrager Speed Limit brakes have the leverage ratio of a dual-pivot brake. At the same time, it uses a single-pivot design to make it efficiently lightweight. Its wide cross-section arms provide maximum stiffness and power for an optimized and responsive brake feel. For an upgraded performance, Bontrager Speed Limit…

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Bontrager Race XXX Lite Carbon Triathlon Aerobar

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bontrager Race XXX Lite Carbon Triathlon Aerobar

bontrager race xxx lite carbon triathlon aerobar   Bontrager Race XXX Lite Carbon Triathlon Aerobar

Bontrager Race XXX Lite Carbon Triathlon Aerobar is one of the lightest and fastest bars available on the market today. The full carbon Race XXX Lite Aerobar was originally developed for and wind tunnel tested by the Discovery Channel team. Now, after being tested and approved by the best in the Pro Tour, this bar is definitely a true wind drag reducer. The Bontrager item features an exclusive low profile and ultra lightweight carbon Aerobars. This bar is not only lightweight. It is also sleek and aero.

The extensions and armrests of the Bontrager Race XXX Lite Carbon Triathlon Aerobar are fully adjustable. These extensions and armrests allow easy dialing in the most comfortable aero position possible. It also meets standard UCI’s 3:1 aspect ratio for aero bars, so it is approved to be used both on road and triathlon bikes. Features include high compression carbon and its main structure…

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Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 Satellite Shifter

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Satellite Shifter

shimano dura ace di2 satellite shifter   Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Satellite Shifter

Aimed for sprinters, Shimano launches a new satellite shifter, the Dura-Ace Di2 SW-7372. The product allows for quick gear shifting at the rear, which is especially advantageous during sprints and riding on drops.

The new satellite shifter enables the rider to maintain a firm grip on the handlebar while manipulating gear shifting and could be installed right alongside the electronic shifter as a multiple shift option. Shimano enjoys this edge over the cable operated shifting option mounted anywhere on the handlebar. This has proved to be very effective for climbers, time trialist and triathletes, allowing them to shift on either end of the aerobar extensions.

The new Dura-Ace Di2 SW-7372 is soon to be released on February 2011….

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2011 Valdora PHX, PHX-1, PHX-2 Tri/TT Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Valdora PHX, PHX 1, PHX 2 Tri/TT Bikes

2011 valdora phx phx 1 phx 2 tri tt bikes   2011 Valdora PHX, PHX 1, PHX 2 Tri/TT Bikes

Valdora just launched its 2011 line of triathlon/time trial bikes. The models released are the PHX, PHX-1 and PHX-2.

Valdora offers SRAM Apex, Rival, Force and Red groupsets and a full carbon wheelset upgrade.

The 2011 Valdora PHX series frames are made to absorb vibrations that it endures and to be free of flex. Valdora placed thin tubes that are deep and aero running from the head tube to the seat stays. The top tube features additional stiffness due to its vertical depth.

Valdora added “finger” adjustable screws on the horizontal drop outs for easy axle wheel adjusting.

Full carbon V-1 aero forks are used to help reduce wind resistance, while only weighing 380 grams.

Purchase at BikeSales4U

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Trek K-Swiss Custom Speed Concept Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Trek K Swiss Custom Speed Concept Bike

trek k swiss speed concepts bike   Trek K Swiss Custom Speed Concept Bike

On October 9th, the Trek K-Swiss team took to the Ironman World Championship in Kona Hawaii. Representing Trek/K-Swiss was Julie Dibens, Chris Lieto, and Fraser Cartmell. For the event, Trek made four custom Speed Concept triathlon bikes.

The Trek K-Swiss Custom Speed Concepts were made in different colorways, three representing specific cyclists. The red/white-blue Speed Concept is Chris Lieto’s, Julie Dibens has the sky blue/white/red model, and Fraser Cartmell was issued the blue/black-white tri-bike. The last Speed Concept uses traditional colors, adding the K-Swiss logo.

Each K-Swiss Trek Speed Concept features the respective brand’s logos and branding of the rider. To receive your own custom Speed Concept, visit Trek Project One.

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