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2011 Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor

2011 polar rcx5 heart rate monitor   2011 Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor

Polar has introduced the RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor this 2011. With its new innovative features, the Polar RCX5 is definitely a must-have item for every health-conscious triathlete. These features include in-water heart rate monitoring, multi sport profiles, and datalink wireless data transfers.

Its Wearlink Hybrid chest strap, or the disturbance-free hybrid transmitter, is a newly designed strap that introduces two exciting technologies, which are the in-water heart rate monitoring and GPS functions. Indeed, the Polar RCX5 can tackle multi sport profiles.

The only downside seen is that the G5 GPS unit is not waterproof. On the other hand, the 2011 Polar RCX5 Heart Rate Monitor functions as a hands-on training device in many ways. Thanks to its enhanced heart rate monitoring that comes with extra training zone options.

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2011 Cervelo P4 Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Cervelo P4 Road Bike

2011 cervelo p4 road bike   2011 Cervelo P4 Road Bike

One advanced time trial and triathlon machine this 2011 is the Cervelo P4 Road Bike. This highly performing bike is designed with serious triathletes in mind. With the same fit, geometry, handling, and stiffness the Carvelo P3 has, the revamped P4 is even made faster.

Included in its design philosophy is an excellent attention to detail. Some UCI technical restrictions are challenged while drag of key components are decreased by the integration of drink carrier to the functioning aerodynamic bike.

Extremely aerodynamic, the 2011 Cervelo P4 Road Bike guarantees light weight and speed that professional racers need. A comfortable, smooth, and swift ride are offered by the Cervelo P4 FK25 carbon frame that features a Smartwall Carbon fork, deep front wheel, and rear disc wheel.

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2011 Kestrel RT 1000 SL 105 Road Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Kestrel RT 1000 SL 105 Road Bike

2011 kestrel rt 1000 sl 105 road bike   2011 Kestrel RT 1000 SL 105 Road Bike

Perfectly combining comfort, light weight, and performance, the 2011Kestrel RT 1000 SL 105 Road Bike is a reliable machine. Shimano 105-equipped, the Kestrel RT 1000 can surely deliver for both road race and triathlon. With internal cable routings, the bike has superior aerodynamics and a neat look.

Along with the very stiff head tube and bottom bracket, the 800k carbon frame rear stays and fork are designed to soak up most road shock. With sculptured, H-shape seat stays, the frame maximizes comfort while it minimizes road vibrations. Vittoria Zaffiro Pro tires allows great responsiveness and traction.

Excellent features of the bike include reliable braking power and crisp and precise gear changes with solid and responsive handling. Thanks to its Shimano and Oval components. Indeed, the 2011 Kestrel RT 1000 SL 105 Road Bike is elastic and receptive enough to provide an enjoyable ride.

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2011 Reynolds Element T Disc Wheel

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Reynolds Element T Disc Wheel

2011 reynolds element t disc wheel   2011 Reynolds Element T Disc Wheel

Coming from the top performance wheels designer in the world, the 2011 Reynolds Element T Disc Wheel guarantees exceptional features including incomparable torsional stiffness and low rolling resistance. The wheel weighs at 1100g for tubular and 1340g for clincher.

A clear-cut firm performer, the Reynolds’ disc features chiefly excellent braking. Aside from its noticeably low drag coefficient, this full-carbon wheel offers a patented all-carbon clincher technology of Reynolds with a noticeable edge between wheel and tire.

A UCI-certified mechanic is not needed as the wheel features an innovative valve stem cup that admits a standard pump head with no adaptor necessary. Indeed, the 2011 Reynolds Element T Disc Wheel is the best among disc wheels, which characterize supreme aerodynamic performance.

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2011 Trigon TTQC29 Time Trial Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Trigon TTQC29 Time Trial Bike

2011 trigon ttqc29 time trial bike   2011 Trigon TTQC29 Time Trial Bike

Trigon, a Taiwanese carbon-making company, has released a new time trial bike called TTQC29 for 2011. The TTQC29 features a stiff and speedy ride with tight handling. Weighing at 7.65kg, this time trial bike is nicely lightweight.

Because it is appropriately stiff, this time trial bike climbs impressively well. During out-of-the-saddle attempts, annoying flexes are avoided through the rigid radically-shaped Trigon base bar. During high-speed cornering, tight handling is delivered by the fork and head tube.

The race-ready 85mm tubular wheels of the 2011 Trigon TTQC29 Time Trial Bike weighs 1,851g. On a descent, the TTQC29 is stable at almost 40mph. Though this bike does not claim excellent aerodynamic properties, its amazing speed is still guaranteed.

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2011 Quintana Roo Kilo

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Quintana Roo Kilo

2011 quintana roo kilo   2011 Quintana Roo Kilo

Quintana Roo has released a bike called Kilo, which is specifically designed for riders who love smooth rides with excellent performance, thanks to is redesigned lightweight aerodynamic frame that features a taller head tube.

To make it lightweight, the frame is AN6 alloy aluminum and custom drawn into butted aero shapes. By enhancing the fit and riding comfort, the Kilo allows better and faster performance. Along with the custom-butted AN-6 aero tube set are the topnotch F.I.S.T. fit, geometry and component package.

Excellent components include Dura Ace bar-end shifters, Ultegra rear derailleur, and an FSA Omega Compact crankset. Ideal for athletes of all levels, nothing beats the 2011 Quintana Roo Kilo in the entry-level triathlon bike category.

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2011 Zipp Sub-9 Disc

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Zipp Sub 9 Disc

2011 zipp sub 9 disc   2011 Zipp Sub 9 Disc

With its amazing aerodynamic features, the 2011 Zipp Sub-9 Disc takes pride in its professional competitiveness. In fact, while it features a wind angle of 12 to 18 degrees, the Zipp Sub-9 was paired with Zipp’s 21mm Tangente tire making it the first wheel ever to create forward lift.

Zipp was able to achieve this by incorporating a toroidal bulge that is similar to their 1080 and 808 spoked wheels around the edge of the disc. By doing this, the airflow at the wheel’s leading and trailing edges is controlled, resulting in an enhanced aero performance.

Moreover, through the vertical compliance of the bulge, the Sub-9 disc is glued to the road when cornering. This results to a comfortable ride making it the ideal for long-course triathletes. With the 2011 Zipp Sub-9 Disc, Zipp shifted from reducing drag to exploiting momentum.

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