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2012 Cannondale Slice Ultegra Triathlon Bike

2012 cannondale slice ultegra   2012 Cannondale Slice Ultegra Triathlon Bike

Since it is very similar to its predecessor, the 2012 Cannondale Slice Ultegra offers the same top qualities as the 2011 model did. What makes the Slice Ultegra a better choice than other triathlon bikes is its incredibly light weight.

Another feature that makes the Slice Ultegra one of the best bikes in its category is its firm handling and highspeed through long descents and sweeping corners. Despite its stiffness, comfort is guaranteed by combining vibration-shrinking save stays with supple armrests and a thin top tube and saddle.

Outstanding stiffness guarantees excellent control of the bike. This is due in part to the the thick chain stay and the BB30 bottom bracket. Very lightweight, the Slice Ultegra helps the rider save energy when needed and climb the hills effortlessly.

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2012 Specialized S-Works Shiv TT Module Bike

2012 specialized s works shiv tt module bike   2012 Specialized S Works Shiv TT Module Bike

Designed for cyclists who want the ideal bike that tackles any race against the clock is the 2012 S-Works Shiv TT Module. Power is maximized by its excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio from the Specialized S-Works Fact carbon crank set with ceramic bearings, OSBB, and removable carbon spider.

Featured by its Fact IS 11r carbon frame are a radical tube shaping and completely integrated cockpit that ultimately optimizes weight, stiffness, and aerodynamics. This makes it ideal for UCI time trials. With an integrated aerobar, the aerodynamic carbon stem offers a light and firm link to the fork steerer.

Moreover, fit is optimized by the two setback options from its carbon bladed seat post. Totally UCI and triathlon legal, the Shiv TT Module is made of high quality components. No wonder it has won both Ironman triathlon and time trial in the World Championships.

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2012 Garmin Vector Pedal Based Power Meter

2012 garmin vector pedal based power meter   2012 Garmin Vector Pedal Based Power Meter

Garmin, an expert in GPS computers, has unveiled its new pedal based power meter for 2012 called Vector. This new power meter is created to work with the Edge 500and Edge 800 cycle computers from Garmin. Suitable for Look Keo pedals, the Vector can be swapped between bikes easily.

The Vector system has a four-sided range of strain gauges mounted inside the pedal spindle that supplies data to an external transmitter. In turn, the supplied data is sent by the ANT+ protocol to a head unit. To calculate power, the deflection of the pedals throughout the full pedal stroke is measured.

This means that the total power to the pedals can be obtained. Moreover, any imbalance in the pedal stroke can be detected. Being not ANT+ compatible, the 2012 Garmin Vector Pedal Based Power Meter has more advantages than other power meters.

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2012 Giro Selector Time Trial Helmet

2012 giro selector time trial helmet   2012 Giro Selector Time Trial Helmet

A new time trial helmet called Selector has been released by Giro for 2012. Coming with two aerodynamic lowers, the Selector allows riders to choose between different depths for the bottom section at the back, which are 10mm and 45mm.

Between the helmet and the back of the rider, there is no drag-causing gap. Drag is prevented since there are no front vents in the shell of the helmet. However, at the top of the removable visor, the little vents go straight to some deep channels in the body of the helmet.

In turn, the deep channels remove the air to wear out ports at the back, providing a steady flow of air over the rider’s head. Being one of the fastest production aero helmets on the market today, the 2012 Giro Selector Time Trial Helmet comes at a quite expensive price tags.

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2012 Bell Meteor II Time Trial Helmet

2012 bell meteor ii time trial helmet   2012 Bell Meteor II Time Trial Helmet

For riders who are looking for a high-quality helmet for triathlons in 2012, the Bell Meteor II is recommended. This 315g triathlon helmet has 10 vents. Two of its major technologies are the cam-lock levers and fusion in-mold microshell.

What the cam-Lock strap levers do is make it easy to adjust the straps around the rider’s ears. It works simply by opening the cam, setting comfortably, and closing the lever. As for the fusion in-mold microshell, the helmet is made stronger and firmer by connecting the microshell to its EPS foam layer.

Bell was the pioneer of shooting the EPS foam into the thin microshell cap when in the mold. With its reliable features and CE EN1078 certification, the 2012 Bell Meteor II Time Trial Helmet is the choice of Fabian Cancellara, a multiple-time world time trial champ.

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X-Bionic Race Shirt Jersey

x bionic race shirt jersey   X Bionic Race Shirt Jersey

Made from a knitted polyester fabric, the X-Bionic Race Jersey Shirt is very supportive and form-fitting. This is a soft touch fabric that is complemented by an jersey’s excellent race fit. What makes the X-bionic different from other race jerseys is that the density of the knit within the garment has been varied.

Two things were created by the varied knit. These are the areas of breathability and compression sections across the midriff, at the sides, and at the lower back. During hot days, the jersey is still great as it has a full length zip. Moreover, the jersey will stay incredibly dry even during sweaty rides.

Though quite pricey, the X-Bionic Race Shirt Jersey offers the latest generation of polyester that blends the best Merino wools and polyester weaves. The earlier features excellent comfort and soft touch texture while the latter offers amazing breathability.

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2011 Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp 700x23c Tire

2011 vredestein fortezza tricomp 700x23c tire   2011 Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp 700x23c Tire

One of the best-selling tires from Vredestein this year, 2011, is the Fortezza Tricomp. Riders love this all-rounder because of its amazing ride feel and its excellent ability to tackle punctures, thanks to its Sportex protection layer. In the corners, the tire offers an excellent level of grip, too.

The only downside is that this 227g tire is not the lightest one available on the market. Still, this is one of the best performing tires and most versatile ones as it can tackle long miles in any weather. The tire can also be a little heavy for full on racing, but they stand out in sportive riding.

For serious riders who are looking for a topnotch sportive and training tire, the 2011 Vredestein Fortezza Tricomp 700x23c Tire is the perfect choice. Not only is the tire sure footed. It is fast rolling as well. There is a good range of eight…

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