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NYC Triathlon 2011 Lottery System

nyc triathlon 2011 lottery system   NYC Triathlon 2011 Lottery System

The New York City Triathlon will move to have a lottery-based entry system for 2011. This was decided to eliminate the online race to be counted in the triathlon. Last year’s triathlon slots were taken only in a matter of minutes by roughly around 19, 700 triathletes who wanted to join the event. The online registration then was a first-come first-served policy.

The Cherry Blossom Ten Mile run in Washington used the lottery system for this year’s race. Phil Stewart, director, shared that the lottery helped do away with frantic online registration, site freezes and the feedback if the applicants got in or not.

Using the lottery system is not entirely new to the triathlon. The Ironman Championships in 1983 used it to fill 205 slots out of the 1,800 spots in the race. In 2004, the Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon followed suit for its 2,000 spots. In Burley, Idaho, the…

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Armstrong Challenges Lieto One on One

armstrong challenges lieto one on one   Armstrong Challenges Lieto One on One

Here it comes! Lance Armstrong has just issued a challenge to Ironman champion Chris Lieto for a one-on-one time trial race on the Queen Kamehameha highway in Hawaii.

And do you know how Lance Armstrong sent out his challenge? Via Twitter. It just happens that both Armstrong and Lieto are in Hawaii for training, and both athletes met each other on the highway earlier today.

Twitter fans then read a tweet from the multiple Tour de France winner after they crossed paths, saying that Armstrong has just issued a challenge to Lieto for the one-on-one race.

Here is what went down on Twitter:

Armstrong: “Just passed @chrislieto going the other way. He was hammerin. Hey Chris, a little TT showdown on the Queen K tomorrow?”

Lieto: “see u on the Queen-K! Will have to be after 8am cause I have to swim first. Flying out mid day. Give me a…

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Token Momenta 3 2010 Time Trial

token momenta 3 2010 time trial   Token Momenta 3 2010 Time Trial

2010 brings a nice lineup of various bikes from Token, as we already showcased the Pista RV, now we have the Momenta 3 time trial. The Token Momenta 3 2010 Time Trial is decked out with Token components, like most Token Bikes, which features TK9933 frame, T585 wheelset, TK-FC7231 crankset, and TK959T saddle. Available in a light blue, red, white and black.

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Lance Armstrong will Compete in 2011 or 2012 Hawaii Ironman

lance armstrong will compete in 2011 or 2012 hawaii ironman   Lance Armstrong will Compete in 2011 or 2012 Hawaii IronmanSeven-time Tour de France winner, Lance Armstrong, announced that he’ll compete in Hawaii’s Ironman after he races in his last Tour de France.

“I will be in Kona (the Ironman start and finish town) 15 months after the final Tour (de France) … if it’s 2010, then it will be Kona 2011,” Armstrong told AAP.

“If it’s 2011, it will be Kona 2012″, he continued.

Armstrong was a tri-athlete in his teens before he pursued his pro cycling career. It will take a significant amount of training to prepared for the 3.8km swim, 180km cycle and 42.2km marathon run, which makes up the Ironman, even for him, the 38-year-old cyclist said.

In 2005, after calling his cycling career quits, Armstrong competed in marathons, finishing with respectable times.

Now, Armstrong looks into his feature once again. His goal for the Ironman, he said, is to complete it. Not necessarily…

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Rafael R-011 Carbon Triathlon Custom Bike

rafael r 011 carbon triathlon custom bike   Rafael R 011 Carbon Triathlon Custom Bike

Rafael Hoffleit first introduced his custom carbon triathlon bike at the European Handmade Bicycle Exhibition, and with attention foces on the R-008, R-009, Rafael shows us the newest model, the R-011. The Rafael R-011 Carbon Triathlon Custom Bike features a integrated hydration and steering system allowing you to use hidden standard cable shifting systems, while you can place the fluid in the hydration system by the top and refill while riding. Check out the other pictures below.

Source: Bicycle Design

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Ivan Raña Will Be Returning to Triathlon

ivan rana will be returning to triathlon   Ivan Raña Will Be Returning to Triathlon

After a one-year experiment with professional cycling, triathlon champion Ivan Raña will be returning to his original sport. His first year, with Xacobeo-Galicia, was a tough one, and he ended up breaking his collarbone at the Mallorca Challenge in February. Rather than take more risks on the road, Ra˜a wants to go back to where he’s comfortable. “I was suffering and having a ball all at the same time. The current situation is very difficult now in cycling and I prefer to make a bet on something more sure. I will return to triathlon with the intention of regaining my former level,” Raña told Spanish wire service EFE. 30-year-old Raña has placed fifth twice at the Olympics, and and his primary goal is to prepare for the 2012 Olympics.

Via Velo News….

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Colnago Flight 2010 Triathlon

colnago flight 2010 triathlon   Colnago Flight 2010 Triathlon

New information has leaked on the Colnago Flight 2010 Triathlon bike, and you can take advantage of now. Previously, the Colnago Flight 2010 frameset retailed for roughly $3,770, but due to a increase in production, you can purchase the Flight for $3,016, not a huge price drop but every dollar counts. On to the bike, which utilizes a monocoque frame with 3D while the process of creation is called the Beta carbon process. You may ask what you will receive with the Colnago Flight 2010 Triathlon frameset, which is two carbon seat posts on for time trial and triathlon, and sizes are 45cm, 53cm, and 58cm. Available in red/white or black/white.

Source: Roadcyclinguk

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