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Teko Bicycling Socks

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teko bicycling socks   Teko Bicycling SocksYou may not be fully aware of it but Teko is the brand you should be familiar with when it comes to socks. Not just for the mere protection it can give to your peddling feet, but most of all for the reason that they use recycled materials which make their products of high quality. They truly are one with the world’s fight for a better environment.

Don’t get it wrong. It does not mean that just because they are made out of recyclable materials, you would feel some old bits and pieces of tires or plastic bottles in its texture. What you will experience instead is a truly comfortable pair of socks for your feet to wear.

Teko bicycling socks can really make your feet feeling cool and extremely dry all the time. One of their additional features is the integration of air vents not to mention that smooth…

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Atkinson Pulls Out from Sydney Triathlon

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atkinson pulls out sydney triathlon   Atkinson Pulls Out from Sydney Triathlon

The opening race at the Dextro Energy Triathlon this Sunday will not have Olympian Courtney Atkinson in the roster of the men’s team for Australia. He was forced to step down from the competition due to his slow recovery from a virus.

On his website, Atkinson wrote the reasons for his pull out. “My recovery from the Mooloolaba World Cup wasn’t as good as expected and I had some unexpected complications ongoing from the illness I was carrying. It is a long season with 10-15 races planned over the next 5 months so this is a small hickup in a big year. I am so close to being 100% that it is such a hard decision not to race our home World Championship Race, but I think it is the right decision considering my aim is to Win the World Championship and 90% of that racing will be in Europe in…

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Bont Triathlon Shoes

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new line of triathlon shoes from bont 1   Bont Triathlon Shoes

Bont have recently launched new line of triathlon shoes. Comfort and performance is their main goal with the new models. The Sub-8 and Sub-9 are made with a Monocoque construction which encloses the foot with a carbon base chassis material. For the Sub-10, the material used is a fiberglass base.

With epoxy thermoset resin, the new triathlon shoes also share the same lining material of a non-porous microfiber. They all share the Z-lock feature and a shoe horn for quick slip-off and slip-on of the triathlon shoes during competition.

Bont researched on what triathletes want in a shoe and the result is the Sub-8 model. Adding a two-part tongue and a shoe horn enhances fast transition for triathletes. It closes with a velcro flap that crisscrosses to make it secure. It weighs 225 grams, making it light on your feet. It comes in eight colors (silver, black, red, blue, pink, green, orange…

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Kahlefeldt Wins First World Cup 2010

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kahlefeldt wins first world cup 20101   Kahlefeldt Wins First World Cup 2010

Brad Kahlefeldt (Australia) won the first World Cup title of the 2010 season in Mooloolaba. Stuart Hayes (United Kingdom) came second, just 10 seconds after Kahlefeldt, followed by James Seear (Australia), 16 seconds after Hayes. It is absolutely certain that for that day, Kahlefeldt was the best and strongest racer. He also expressed his thanks for the amazing support from the crowd, especially on the last lap.

Fortunately, the ocean was calm during the race day. First among those out of the water was Dylan McNeice (New Zealand) with about 20 athletes immediately behind him. He was followed by Josh Amberger (Australia) and Seear after a few seconds.

Seear and Amberger, were then on the bike, worked together, and then came to the front for each of the seven laps. However, Seear and Amberger had a gap after five of the seven laps. This was a 56-second gap on a chase pack…

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2010 Dextro Energy Triathlon in Sydney

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2010 dextro energy triathlon sydney   2010 Dextro Energy Triathlon in Sydney

Sydney, Australia was chosen as the place where the 2010 Dextro Energy Triathlon ITU World Championship Series will be launched. So, the best triathletes shall once again be found in the Sydney harbor where the triathlon’s first Olympic Games were held. The transition area at the foot at the Sydney Opera House, the 1500-meter swim in Farm Cove and 40-kilometer bike leg and 10-kilmeter run in Macquarie Street, and the Cahill Expressway, (just overlooking Circular Quay) creates a perfect setup for the triathlon.

The men and women’s categories will be on April 11 with the men’s race starting at 7:00 am while the women’s race will begin at 9:45 am.

The Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge and the city skyline make the ideal backdrop for the upcoming events. Sydney had been many times chosen as the place where globally important events were held: the 2000 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Rugby World Cup…

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Moffatt Might join Sydney Triathlon List

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Moffatt might join Sydney Triathlon list 207x300   Moffatt Might join Sydney Triathlon List

Emma Moffatt, 2009 world champion, is included in the team of four women and eleven men for the world championships series which kicks off and ends at the Sydney Opera House. By this weekend, she will confirm if she will get the chance to defend her crown as the reigning world triathlon champion on April 11 in Sydney. The same venue was used when the sport made it to the Olympics in 2000.

While awaiting the green light for the defense, Emma will be training her shoulders through a hard swim session on Saturday. Her shoulders suffered a fracture in an injury last January resulting from a bike crash. She remains uncertain of her swim fitness and has to test the waters again before making the decision.

Australian Institute of Sport triathlon coach Shaun Stephens leaves it all to the outcome of her training as he stated “I will be encouraging…

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2010 Leon’s World Fastest Triathlon

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2010 leons world fastest triathlon   2010 Leons World Fastest Triathlon

The Leon’s Triathlon which is billed to be the world’s fastest triathlon will happen on June 6, 2010. Registration for the event is open until June 5.

The triathlon took a 15-year hiatus and it’s now back with an Olympic-distance race. Leon Wolek, race organizer, assures the spectators that the race will be very fast but will provide them a good view from the park. “I think people are just going to be amazed at how much they’ll be able to see from the park,” said Wolek.

There’s a $20 discount for the online registration which you can avail until April 10. A lottery of a Trek bike and other prizes are also at stake. The 2010 edition will feature a portion of the course on a six-lane highway. Media coverage is expected.

The Leon’s Triathlon will have all its events to begin and end at Wolf Lake Park. The race will…

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