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2012 Lightweight Fernweg Aero Wheels

2012 lightweight fernweg aero wheels   2012 Lightweight Fernweg Aero Wheels

Lightweight, a German carbon boutique maker, has introduced its new aero wheelset called Fernweg for 2012. While long flat sides and where to buy cialis now its spoke bed’s rounded make the rim look simple, this wheelset is incredibly aerodynamic, lightweight, and stiff.

In order to maximize the wheels’ stiffness, Lightweight made use of carbon spokes in the construction of the Fernweg. Moreover, this carbon spoke construction effectively st Reel Marketing Insider-#1 Video Marketing Training – 50% Recurring! ops water from getting into its 81mm-deep rim, making the wheelset ideal for wet rides.

While it is specifically designed for triathlons, the 2012 Lightweight Fernweg Aero Wheels can also perform well in time trial and road racing. The wheelset weighs in at 1,355g only, with a 640g front wheel and 715g rear wheel.

2013 Scott Split Aero Helmet

2013 scott split aero helmet   2013 Scott Split Aero Helmet

Sponsoring Team GreenEDGE, Scott delivers the 2013 Split Aero Helmet.

The helmet was designed to deliver minimal drag resistance for its user. Another huge feature of the Split Aero Helmet is the amount of ventilation and comfortability offered, despite its lack of vents. On the aerodynamics side of things, clip-on goggles were developed, also giving a choice in color option.

There’s also a video on the Scott site you can check out by clicking here.

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2012 3T Aerobar Upgrades: Ventus II + Brezza Nano

2012 3t aerobar upgrades ventus ii brezza nano   2012 3T Aerobar Upgrades: Ventus II + Brezza Nano

Weight, geometry and comfort are the focal points when scoping out a new set of bars for your tri-bike, which brings our attention to 2012′s 3T Aerobar.

If you’re looking to go all out this year, peep the 2012 3T Aerobars, Ventus II and Brezza Nano, both seeing improvements for the better of your performance. Coming in 15% lighter this year, the Ventus II features improved grips for added support and comfort. The Brezza Nano also popped out a more aero and lighter bar. To top it off, both bars get Di2 compatibility.

Unfortunately, it’s going to set you back a pretty penny if you want to ride in 3T Aerobar style.

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2012 Wilier Triestina Blade Triathlon/Time Trial Bike

2012 wilier triestina blade triathlontime trial bike   2012 Wilier Triestina Blade Triathlon/Time Trial Bike

A new state-of-the-art triathlon/time trial bike called Triestina Blade has been released by Wilier Bikes for 2012. Along with the manufacturing mold of this innovative bike is a standard fork and a unique how to get steroids
carbon composition. Its frame weighs in at 1.32kg only.

In order to optimize aerodynamics, the Triestina Blade is built with internally routed brake and cable housing. While taking advantage of its concealed Twinfoil V-style rear brake solution, this triathlon/time trial bike uses a customary front brake.

Featuring impressive components and spec at a low price, the 2012 Wilier Triestina Blade Triathlon/Time Trial Bike, comes with a Wilier FSA Gossamer crank set, Ultegra 6700 group set, and a Shimano RS30 wheel set.

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2012 Fuji D6 2.0 Triathlon Bike

2012 fuji d6 2 0 triathlon bike   2012 Fuji D6 2.0 Triathlon Bike

New for triathletes is a new bike called D6 2.0, which has been introduced by Fuji Bikes for 2012. In order to make this an incredibly speedy bike, this triathlon machine was built from a high-quality full carbon aero frame, which comes with internal cable routing.

Included in the triathlon-specific features of the D6 2.0 its carbon steerer, carbon aero monocoque forks, and an extended seat tube. Its reliable frame also comes with a cold forged dropout, double water bottle mounts, and high-modulus carbon aero stays that feature Brake Cavity design.

For athletes who aim to achieve the maximum speed required by triathlon, the 2012 Fuji D6 2.0 Triathlon Bike is one of the best choices. All throughout this triathlon bike are Shimano Ultegra and Viagra and canadian Shimano Dura Ace components.

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2012 Trek Speed Concept 7.0 Triathlon Bike

2012 trek speed concept 7 0 triathlon bike   2012 Trek Speed Concept 7.0 Triathlon Bike

Updated for 2012, the Speed Concept 7.0 is one of the best triathlon bikes from Trek Bicycles on the market today in terms of quality, performance, and value. As the name implies, the most important advantage triathletes can get from this bike is unmatched speed.

Built from a high-quality 500 Series OCLV frame, the Speed Concept 7.0 combines optimal stability, stiffness, and comfort. Other topnotch features include DuoTrap compatibility, internal frame routing, and an integrated rear brake. Its integrated storage SRAM Apex performance shifting is optional.

Design with the serious triathlete in mind, the 2012 Trek Speed Concept 7.0 Triathlon Bike guarantees unparalleled speed. Thanks to its KVF aerodynamic tube shape, which enables the Speed Concept 7.0 to go incredibly faste.

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2012 Pinarello Graal Time Trial Race Bike

2012 pinarello graal time trial race bike   2012 Pinarello Graal Time Trial Race Bike

A new technological masterpiece for time trials called Graal has been released by Pinarello Bikes for 2012. With Campagnolo Super Record and Bora Ultimates, this stealth-black time trial race machine looks amazing. Its name is the Italian term for Grail.

In terms of aerodynamic test data, the sculpted down tube of the Graal frame may not add that much. However, it appears incredibly quick. Pinarello created the Graal using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to minimize drag by assessing its results on individual tubes and sections and on the entire bike.

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The 3D reliefs on the downtube of the 2012 Pinarello Graal Time Trial Race Bike is its most remarkable characteristic. The frame, which comes in five sizes, is constructed in a standard and Di2 specific version that has a concealed battery compartment.

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