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New records at Ironman 70.3 Austria

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new records at ironman 70 3 austria 300x210   New records at Ironman 70.3 AustriaThe 2010 Ironman 70.3 in St. Polten, Austria was a display of all European triathletes’ capacity to smash the men’s and women’s course records. Filip Ospaly, a Czech, overwhelmed the depending champion Chris McCormack of Australia by finishing at 3:46:02, setting a new course record only a minute ahead of Mecca.

Chris McCormack commented later after the race, “Great race in Austria. These ITU boys are fast on the run. I had an awesome run, 69 minutes, felt strong, but he kicked past me to win.”

The Dutch triathletes, Yvonne Van Vlerken finished the race in 4:18:56 over Hungarian Erika Csomor, setting a new course record on the women’s field.

The two triathletes smashed into the finish line with only 0.2 seconds separating the runner up from the victor. Indeed, it was a classic photo finished.

Ironman 70.3 Austria
St. Pölten, Austria

Top 5 professional men
1. Filip Ospaly (CZE) 3:46:01
2. Chris McCormack (AUS)…

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GE Strathclyde Park ITU Triathlon European Cup winners

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ge strathclyde park itu triathlon european cup winners 300x225   GE Strathclyde Park ITU Triathlon European Cup winnersAfter convincingly prevailing against top contenders Alexandra Tondeur and Charlotte McShane, Great Britain’s Jacqueline Slack was declared the 2010 GE Strathclyde Park ITU Triathlon European Cup Championship. Both contenders came in second and third respectively.

Slack outdone herself by clocking a 02:05:54 time finish taking the win. She came with the chase pack out of the water unnoticed until she put on her running shoes and took the lead. “I’m amazed to be honest, I didn’t expect to come out and win.” She said she was looking somewhere to be in the top five or three. “Either would have been great so early in this season, I’m delighted.” The swim was great and the conditions were fantastic, she added, “The bike was tough and the run was really hard because of the heat and the hills.”

In the final ranking of the 2009 British Triathlon Super Series, she ranked tenth. Winning today’s…

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Bennett Chooses USA for the London Olympics

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bennett chooses usa for the london olympics 300x300   Bennett Chooses USA for the London OlympicsTriathlon Australia freed Greg Bennett from obligations to compete for Australia. The triathlete Bennett based in Boulder, Colorado is an Australian with an American wife. He has both a US and Australian citizenship. In a statement by Bennett, “Laura and I have built our careers together for the past 11 years, leaning on each other constantly for support in coaching and mentoring.” He added, “…I cannot do this as well as I would like unless I can be fully part of her team.” Bennett is looking forward to be joining her in her final Olympic journey.

He aims to give total support to Laura’s dream in making it to the US Olympic team at the 2010 London Olympics. It is uncertain however, if Bennett intends to try out for the US Olympic team as he, still is undergoing training for the races.

USA Today revealed:
“Bennett has competed in more than 80 World…

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Ironman Lanzarote results

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ironman lanzarote results 300x119   Ironman Lanzarote resultsEneko Llanos of Spain and Scotland’s Catriona Morrison took out a tough field to win the 2010 Ironman Lanzarote titles. Llanos led in front of the pack throughout the race for the win. Morrison came back hard after a bike mechanical malfunction, also to take the win.

Llanos was out of the water after Gerrit Schellens of Belgium. Maik Twelseik of Germany rushed out on the bike on the mountainous course and took the lead. With a ten minute edge over defending champion Bert Jammer of Belgium, Llanos and Britain’s Philip Graves, he was on the run for the home stretch. At this instance, Graves quit the race and it was a three man battle for the title. Twelsiek’s assault was not good enough. He ran out of steam and was run down by Jammer and Llanos. Both Llanos and Jammer were in contention right to the final miles. Llanos had…

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Triathletes at Tour of California Time Trial

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triathletes at tour of california time trial 300x199   Triathletes at Tour of California Time TrialIt was a rare opportunity where triathletes Chris McCormack of Australia, Chris Lieto of the United States and Chrissie Wellington of Great Britain came to race at the Amgen Tour of California Time Trial stage.

The event was held in Los Angeles, California yesterday. Together with amateur cyclists, the triathletes took a run of the time trial course.

It was the seventh stage of the Amgen Tour of California. Here, many spectators will bear witness to how Lieto would fair with pure cycling riders, however, on-lookers and fans alike missed the opportunity when Lieto had a flat with only a few miles remaining of the race. Lieto clocked at 21:35 at the halfway point. McCormack time finished of the 20.9 miles was 46:15 and was fair enough for the overall 55th place. Updates are still to come in regarding the official time on Wellington who was said to be joining in…

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Bucher, Stoltz wins XTERRA South Central Championship

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bucher, Stoltz wins XTERRA South Central Championship

bucher stoltz wins xterra south central championship 225x300   Bucher, Stoltz wins XTERRA South Central Championship(Cameron Park) – Waco, Texas, 23rd May 2010 – The inaugural XTERRA South Central Championship pro titles went to 36 year old Conrad Stoltz from Stellenbosch, South Africa and to 32 year old from Lucerne, Switzeland, Renata Bucher. Despite the blazing hot sun, the two proved to be worthy athletes.

Stoltz proved that he could ride like a Rodeo rider by expertly negotiating the twisty-turn tree lined bike course with ease. No one on the XTERRA Planet expected that Stoltz could “Cowboy Up”. He walked the finish line at 2:02:21 wearing a cowboy hat. He was more than three minutes ahead of second placer, Josiah Midduagh of Vail, Colorado.

Stoltz clocked the 15 mile bike course at 1:05:26, about two minutes faster than Middaugh. “I had fresh legs today and just killing it on the bike. I love this course, and when I came off the bike and someone said I…

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USA Triathlon Reports Membership Growth

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usa triathlon reports membership growth 300x217   USA Triathlon Reports Membership GrowthUSA Triathlon and Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association have recently reported an increase on the number of people joining the triathlon population. As of 2009, the SGMA reported that there were 1.2 million on-road triathlon participants. For off-road triathlon, there were 666,000 participants.

The numbers for the on-road triathletes equal that of a 11.1% growth last year and a 51.4% growth since 2007. As for the off-road triathletes, the number is a 10.6% increase with a 37.9% increase from 2007. Last March 31, USA Triathlon’s membership reached 133,000 which is a 24.8% growth in comparison to March 2009’s members of 31,000.

Skip Gilbert, USAT CEO shares his thoughts over the data gathered. “The continued growth of the multisport lifestyle across all disciplines and distances is a strong reflection of this country’s desire to focus on healthy living. Incorporating not one but a multitude of sports into an individual’s training and competition schedule has…

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