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2011 Specialized Shiv Triathlon Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Specialized Shiv Triathlon Bike

2011 specialized shiv triathlon bike   2011 Specialized Shiv Triathlon Bike

Made to give you an aerodynamic advantage, the Specialized 2011 Shiv TT/Triathlon Bike comes to you in limited production at a retail price of $5,500 for the S-Works frame module alone.

It features rear brakes hidden much like the Transition. Still to keep the aerodynamic advantage, it has horizontal rear dropouts. The 2011 Shiv also has brake barrel adjusters located on the bar ends. Internal cable routing is in place and the frame also features a nose cone which keeps the front brakes out of sight and does the steering as well.

The Specialized Shiv allows for multiple seat post adjustment so you can shift your seat forward or to the rear. It also allows multiple pad adjustment height where you can rest your elbows and arms comfortably based on your desired height.

The frame weighs about 850 grams. For the meantime, UCI deemed the Shiv to be too aerodynamic…

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Timex Ironman Global Trainer GPS Sport Watch

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Timex Ironman Global Trainer GPS Sport Watch

timex ironman global trainer gps sport watch 300x241   Timex Ironman Global Trainer GPS Sport WatchThe Timex Ironman Global Trainer GPS Sport Watch is the ultimate watch which combines the Timex Body Link GPS sensor, a heart rate monitor and a watch. Athletes can get this for $325. Available in September, you also have the option to pay $275 without the heart monitor strap.

It features four data windows which you can customize in five ways and can allow up to 100 laps with its 20 workout memory. It has a multisport mode which adapts automatically when you change your activity (bike, run,swim).

It can record 50 routes and 100 way points. It also has the Indiglo night light for easy reading in the dark. Water-resistant up to 50 meters, the Timex Ironman Global Trainer GPS Sport Watch features the Performance Pacer for goal settings and downloadable data for your workouts at Training Peaks for storage and analysis.

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2011 Scott Plasma 3 Triathlon – Time Trial

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Scott Plasma 3 Triathlon   Time Trial

2011 scott plasma 3 triathlon time trial   2011 Scott Plasma 3 Triathlon   Time Trial

Consumers will have a special version for 2011 of the Scott Plasma 3, a bike that can be used for Triathlon and time trials. First debuting last year, the model shown is the team riders for time trial. In total, two Triathlon 2011 Scott Plasma 3 bikes will release, with the main differences are the stem. The time trial version will have a fully integrated and inline stem, which is featured on the HTC-Columbia bike.

2011 Scott Plasma 3 Triathlon bikes will have a adjustable stem, which can rise above the top tube. If you look at the aerodynamics, the bike meets UCI 3:1 rule requirements, so the bike will pass with its specifications. Check out below for additional pictures of the Time Trial and Triathlon 2011 Scott Plasma.

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Ridley Dean RS 2011

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Ridley Dean RS 2011

ridley dean rs 2011 300x200   Ridley Dean RS 2011Ridley introduces the Dean RS for 2011 as a middle ground for its current bike models which includes an aluminum triathlon bike for $2,000 and a high end bike called the Dean for $5,000 or so. The Dean RS has a price tag of $3,000 for a carbon bike with conservative triathlon-aimed geometry. The Dean RS would be marketed to meet the needs of triathletes and for cyclists who likes riding in an upright position.

To be available in March 2011, the new Ridley bike has forks which feature the X-Stream. This allows the fork to redirect airflow away from the spinning wheel. The overall look is similar to the Dean. With round seatstays and vertical dropouts, the Dean RS has five sizes you can choose from. It has a Profile Design T2+ aerobars to lift the rider more upright when cycling.

The Dean RS is equipped with SRAM…

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Bont Sub-10 Triathlon Shoes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Bont Sub 10 Triathlon Shoes

bont sub 10 triathlon shoes 300x290   Bont Sub 10 Triathlon ShoesBont Cycling brings you the triathlon shoe that offers optimal stiffness and performance called the Bont Sub-10. The shoe features a unique hand layup with pressure wrap to give you a moldable shoe that is light yet stiff.

The chassis material is from a monocoque fiberglass base and the shoe is painted with an epoxy thermoset resin. It is heat moldable so you can easily customize the shoe. The upper material uses a white matte microfiber while the lining is a non-porous microfiber.

The Bont Sub-10 weighs 275 grams with a single action Velcro system for a swifter transition. It also has a 3-hole look configuration for cleat mounting and memory foam for padding. The Sub-10 has 40 air vents covering the front of the shoe and on both sides of the arch area.

Retail price is $178.95.

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Northwave Tribute Triathlon Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Northwave Tribute Triathlon Shoe

tribute triathlon shoe from northwave 300x210   Northwave Tribute Triathlon ShoeItalian manufacturer Northwave adds to its special line a triathlon shoe called the Tribute. It is made with a ST 7:5 carbon composite sole and two straps to allow quick access and security. The upper has mesh inserts with the soft Lorica material.

Once you have the shoe open, the strap can be set aside with another Velcro, to keep it from flapping back to the front of your shoe. It has a large-sized heel loop which is a must-have for easy pulling in or removal of the shoe during transitions.

The Tribute has the Omega heel that allows excellent grip which keeps you stable when you run and ride. There are rear air vents and a rubber heel which is replaceable. The Performance Pro footbed makes an arch inside the shoe to maximize potential power transferred from your foot to the pedal.

Retail price is $123.00.

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Specialized Trivent Triathlon Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Specialized Trivent Triathlon Shoe

specialized trivent triathlon shoe 300x300   Specialized Trivent Triathlon ShoeThe Trivent Triathlon shoe was a collaborative design between Specialized and the world’s fastest triathlete, Peter Reid. With the use of the Body Geometry technology, the ventilation system in the Trivent functions to keep its users feet dry and cool.

The Trivent has a patented Body Geometry outsole and footbed design. the carbon outsole has chromed fibers that acts as a shield to prevent heat from reaching your feet. The fibers reflects the heat back to the road.

The footbed is perforated to allow easy airflow and the sole is ventilated with an open mesh upper and molded toe. There is also a shoehorn heel pull on the inside of the heel so it can be slipped on and off easily during a race. A wide main strap also does the same.

The Trivent has a 3-bolt cleat pattern that is compatible with Shimano SPD®-SL, Look®, Time®, and Speedplay®. It weighs approximately 590…

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