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2011 Ridley Phaeton T Triathlon Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Ridley Phaeton T Triathlon Bike

The Phaeton T for 2011 from Ridley is coming out with a new aero hydroformed seat tube and aero seat post which accommodates a 78 degrees seat angle and with a small size position seat clamp to create a maximum of 79 degrees angle forward. Its aerodynamic frame is engineered and designed with the 7005 triple butted tubal aluminum. The R-surface paint technology treatment allows it to break up the air by 3% that comes off the spinning wheel as it reduces the drag flow.

2011 Ridley Phaeton T also features its 4ZA Sphinx full carbon fork. It has the R- Flow jet foils which decreases the drag 5.5% of the spinning spokes which generates turbulence around the wheel. The triathlon specific geometry design of the Phaeton T is well suited for the new riders of the triathlon who are looking for the perfect aero riding position and comfort.

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2011 Kuota Bike Range

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Kuota Bike Range

2011 kuota bike range 1 300x189   2011 Kuota Bike RangeKuota Bicycles releases its 2011 bike range which highlights a diverse line-up from road bikes to triathlon bikes. The bikes featured are the KOM, Kross, Kult, K-Factor, Kebel, Kalibur, Kharma, Kueen K and Korsa. The bikes are flexible and comes in different colors and more build options.

The KOM uses a 3k weave uni-directional carbon fiber material. It is also 9% lighter than the 2010 materials. It has a BB30 bottom bracket shell also made from carbon fiber. It has a 1 1/8″ to 1.5″ headset. It is remains stiff to ride but more comfortable than the previous model. Weighs 900g and has a price range of $5250-$8450, depending on the components used on the bike.

The Kross is Kuota’s stiff carbon crosser that has maximum mud clearance. It has a monocoque structure and 12k weave carbon fiber.

Kult has a retail price range of $4700-$8550 and a semi-integrated seatpost….

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2011 Felt DA Triathlon – TT Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Felt DA Triathlon   TT Bike

2011 felt da triathlon tt bike   2011 Felt DA Triathlon   TT Bike

Aside from the F1, Felt also upgraded the DA for 2011. Engineered with the help of new computer technology with the goal to come up with a faster and stiffer TT and triathlon bike, the DA for 2011 seems to fit the bill.

The 2011 DA features V-brakes for better aerodynamics, BB30 bottom bracket shell and a frame which has 25% more surface area than the 2010 model. Even with this notable change, the 2011 DA is only 2% heavier.

Felt claims that the new DA is 14% faster and 13% stiffer than its predecessor. It features S-Bend down tube as well as lipped seat tube for maximum performance. It also has a Bayonet 3 headtube and fork at 35mm. Currently, Felt makes use of 3/4″ bearings.

There is an adjustable rise stem integrated into the Bayonet system and a more durable seatpost clamp to address complaints on the 2010 DA clamps…

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2011 Orbea Ordu Triathlon Bike

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Orbea Ordu Triathlon Bike

2011 orbea ordu triathlon bike   2011 Orbea Ordu Triathlon Bike

The choice of the two-time Ironman Triathlon Champion Craig Alexander, the Orbea Ordu 2011 Triathlon Bike will be reissued sometime in the middle of September. The Ordu Triathlon Bike has won almost every Triathlon championship in North America and now its coming out this time around with the new D12 internal routed wiring/cables making it much slippier than before.

The Ordu 2011 will be released with its new paints specifically in White/Blue combination and in Black/Red combination. It is an extremely aerodynamic designed bike from front to the end. For more stability and stiffness front and end tail, it has an 1 1/8” fork. The Ordu is the bike for tough climbing and great sprinting with a 700C wheels. Its aero profile fork is a cut-away size from the top tube to the down tube giving it a total aerodynamic flow.

Its rear wheel is designed aerodynamically and engineered into the…

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Gaerne Carbon G.Kona 2011 Triathlon Shoe

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Gaerne Carbon G.Kona 2011 Triathlon Shoe

gaerne carbon g kona 2011 triathlon shoe   Gaerne Carbon G.Kona 2011 Triathlon Shoe

2011 seems already to be a great year for products, and Gaerne shared a glimpse of the new Carbon G.Kona, a triathlon specific shoe. If you look at the previous released Triathlon Gaerne Shoe, the G.THN, you can tell the 2011 Gaerne Carbon G.Kona is a bit different, with a forefront Velcro strap. The rest of the 2011 Gaerne line should debut very soon.

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Selle San Marco Aspide Glamour Saddle

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Selle San Marco Aspide Glamour Saddle

selle san marco aspide glamour 300x177   Selle San Marco Aspide Glamour SaddleAspide Glamour TriathGel woman’s triathlon saddle is the perfect saddle designed and developed for female triathletes by Selle San Marco. The saddle possesses a gel-enhanced nose soft enough to give the extra relief and comfort for triathletes riding hours in the aero position. The saddle only weighs 210 grams and retains its original shape and provides the much needed comfort and support.

Its quality and uniqueness is shown by its Titanox hollow stainless steel rails, the lorica cover and the gel-enhanced nose for comfort specifically all for Women’s tri-specific saddle.

Selle San Marco has come up with a specific system to determine the right Women’s saddle for the female triathletes. The system is called “S.I.Z.E” or the Surface Ideal Zone for Ergonomics where it serves to deliver the right saddle. The sizes are neither small nor medium nor large but rather are coded in specific set of numbers….

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2011 Felt B12, B14, B16 Triathlon Bikes

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Felt B12, B14, B16 Triathlon Bikes

2011 felt b12 b14 b16 triathlon bikes 1 300x182   2011 Felt B12, B14, B16 Triathlon BikesFelt Bicycles releases the B12, B14 and B16 Triathlon Bikes for 2011. All three triathlon bikes have a high modulus carbon frame with a reduced weight by 5%. The B12 comes with an aero tubeset that features internal cable routing. It has forged horizontal dropouts and Felt 3.2 Airfoil carbon steerer. It has SRAM Red with R2C bar end shifters and SRAM Red TT chainrings to deliver smooth shifting and high aerodynamics. Its Bayonet handlebars can be adjusted with total weight of 19.62lbs. The retail price for the Felt B12 is $3499.

The B14 shares the same fork with Ultegra Dura Ace derailleurs and TRP aero brake levers. It also has a 10-speed Shimano bar end shifters. The new B14 also uses the Felt TTR-3 700c 40mm deep aluminum rims which has a CNC machined braking surface. It also makes use of the Bayonet 6061 T6 base bar…

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