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Shimano Dura Ace 2011 Carbon Tubular – Clincher Wheelset

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Shimano Dura Ace 2011 Carbon Tubular   Clincher Wheelset

shimano dura ace 2011 carbon tubular clincher wheelset   Shimano Dura Ace 2011 Carbon Tubular   Clincher Wheelset

New from Shimano under the Dura Ace line is the C35 carbon alloy clincher wheelset for 2011. You may have spotted the wheelsets on various professional cyclists bikes, and recently was given a passing grade for quality control testing, and can be purchased soon.

The Shimano Dura Ace 2011 Carbon Tubular Clincher C35 Wheelset are lighter than the C50 by 75 grams, but still feature the aerodynamics of its counterpart plus are said to be faster. Quality is present due to high modulus carbon construction and assembled by hand in the Shimano factory. Shimano also took it a step further by giving each wheelset a control number so you can track it back to the builder. Release date is slated for December 2010, with the C35 Tubular retailing at $2499.99, and the C35 Clincher at $1999.99.

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Final Tour de France for Lance Armstrong

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Final Tour de France for Lance Armstrong

final tour de france for lance armstrong   Final Tour de France for Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong was quite busy today, not only with his training but on various social networks. Sadly Armstrong announced that the 2010 Tour de France will be his last! We all know that all good things come to a end, but hearing Lance Armstrong retiring from the Tour after 2010 is still somewhat of a jaw dropper. Lance wrote the following on his Facebook, “And yes, this will be my final Tour de France. It’s been a great ride. Looking forward to 3 great weeks.”

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Snoop Dogg Wishes Lance Armstrong Good Luck

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Snoop Dogg Wishes Lance Armstrong Good Luck

Big Snoop Dogg is seen in this video wishing Lance Armstrong good luck in the upcoming Tour de France. First, Snoop Dogg asks Lance to borrow his bike so he can ride down the street and do a few tricks, and shortly after requests his “suit” aka “speedo suit”. Check out the video.

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Wild Tire Range from Michelin

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Wild Tire Range from Michelin

wild tire range from michelin 300x56   Wild Tire Range from MichelinMichelin’s latest Wild Tire Range consists of a variety of tires, each featuring its own tread patterns for hardpack, intermediate and extreme riding. However, each range carries different widths, casing and compounds. You can choose from 26 tires in the line-up.

The WildRock’R range is for extreme terrain. The tires featured under this group have circumferential grooves for precision steering. It has huge tread blocks to keep you from feeling the punishing force of a rocky terrain. It also has aggressive shoulder blocks to make climbing out of tight spots easy for you to do.

The WildRun’R range is for road training purposes. It promises a smooth ride with 1.40 size and larger air volume. If you’re more concerned on weight, the 1.10 Advanced Light is ideal since it also has reinforced density to withstand punctures as you train.

The WildRace’R range is for smooth terrain or hardpack. The tread blocks are…

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Elite Nature Bottle Super Corsa

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Elite Nature Bottle Super Corsa

elite nature bottle super corsa 300x300   Elite Nature Bottle Super CorsaElite introduces a fully biodegradable water bottle that can decompose within a year when left in the compost pit or dump. The Nature Bottle is an earth-friendly accessory for the green cyclist. This is due to the bottle’s composition, which is food-grade polyethylene and thermoplastic rubber.

The materials are all recyclable. Should you dispose of the bottle accidentally, the microorganisms present in its surroundings will attack the bottle’s polymer chain and in the process, it will give off water and carbon dioxide.

In normal use, the bottle is functional as it is environmental-friendly. Cervelo team riders used the Nature Bottle at the Giro d’Itala 2010. It is BPA (Bisphenol A) free and comes in 500ml and 750ml sizes. For the 750ml Elite Nature Bottle Super Corsa, it costs only $8.97….

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Feedback Sports Pro-Elite Repair Stand

pinit fg en rect gray 20   Feedback Sports Pro Elite Repair Stand

feedback sports pro elite repair stand 199x300   Feedback Sports Pro Elite Repair StandFor the last 15 years, time and time again Feedback Sports has proven its high quality bicycle repair stand as durable and easy to handle. The Pro-Elite, one of its quality brands, is for the mechanic on the road. It is a heavy duty portable repair stand designed for fast dependable repairs on the go.

The Pro-Elite Bicycle Stand is fully equipped with a quick release clamp head and rubber jaws that can hold a 2.6” tubing. This repair stand has an adjustable work height from 41” up to 71” and could fully support weights up to 85 lbs with its strong easy to open tripod while remaining steady on any flat or uneven ground. Its red anodized aluminum tube keeps it rust-free, too.

The Pro-Elite Repair Stand has a push button closing and release clamp, which is a state of the art Secure-Lock. It also features a ratchet-action that allows…

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2011 Line from NiteRider

pinit fg en rect gray 20   2011 Line from NiteRider

2011 line from niterider 300x180   2011 Line from NiteRider

NiteRider Technical Lighting unveils its 2011 line of products for racing and commuter bikes. New advances in LED technology highlight the latest product line as well as affordability. The 2011 line will be available on July 5th.

Making a comeback are the MiNewt Series and the Pro Series with more light production. MiNewt.150 Cordless and 250 are new additions to the series. They are rechargeable units that you can boot up via USB connection or wall socket.

The MiNewt Mini gives off 150 lumens of light with several degrees of light and flash. The Mini costs $89.99. The Lightning Bug Series comes in six colors and is priced between $11.99 to $34.99.

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