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2011 Trek Madone 6 Series

2011 trek madone 6 series   2011 Trek Madone 6 Series

When most people hear about the Trek Madone 6 Series they think of Lance Armstrong. But as in previous years, the 2011 Trek Madone 6 Series is also known for being light, responsive and its overall superb performance.

In 2011, Trek Madone 6 Series includes the 6.9 SSL, 6.9 SSL WSD, 6.7 SSL, 6.7 SSL WSD, 6.5, 6.5 WSD, 6.2, and 6.2 WSD. Four models will use Trek’s SSL technology, which ranks well on a scale from 0 to 10: The stiffness associated with the SSL is at about an 8.5; In regards to strength, the SSL scores around an 8.4; And, its elongation lands just under 5.

All the Trek 2011 Madone 6 series bikes use the popular OCLV carbon. OCLV is patented by Trek, and uses Optimum Compaction, meaning the carbon is compressed. OCLV fiber to resin ratio adds to the strength and sheds some weight.


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Amgen Tour of California 2011 Host Cities

amgen tour of california 2011 host cities   Amgen Tour of California 2011 Host Cities

One of the most popular cycling races in the United States, Amgen Tour of California, announced this mourning the 2011 host cities.

As usual, the race will last eight days and travel over 800 miles. This is the Amgen Tour of California sixth event and starts May 15th through the 22nd 2011.

Stage 1 of the Amgen Tour of California will start in Lake Tahoe for the first time. The race will end in Amgen’s hometown of Thousand Oaks.

The complete list of newly cities added to the Tour of California for 2011 are South Lake Tahoe (previously stated), North Lake Tahoe-Northstart at Tahoe Resort, North Lake Tahoe-Squaw Valley USA, Auburn, Livermore, Claremont, and Mt. Baldy.

The Tour of California will still stop in Sacramento, Modesto, San Jose, Seaside, Paso Robles, Solvang, Santa Clarita, and Thousand Oaks.

Missing from last year is Davis, and Santa Rosa.

Like previously stated, the 2011 Amgen Tour…

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2011 BMC Team Machine SLR01 Road Bike

2011 bmc team machine slr01 road bike   2011 BMC Team Machine SLR01 Road Bike

Next to the Impec is the 2011 BMC Team Machine SLR01. The Team Machine was rode by BMC Racing Team member George Hincapie.

The BMC 2011 Team Machine SLR01 combines top quality carbon materials. The seat stays, forks and seatpost are TCC. TCC absorbs vibrations and adds comfort to the 2011 Team Machine.

Two colors, white and red, are available for the 2011 BMC Team Machine. Both colors come with their own groupset. The white Team Machine features SRAM Red, and the red utilizes Campagnolo Super Record.

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Alberto Contador Samples Show Plastic Residues, Possible Blood Transfusion

alberto contador samples show plastic residues possible blood transfusion   Alberto Contador Samples Show Plastic Residues, Possible Blood Transfusion

Alberto Contador is back in the hot seat for different allegations relating doping. Now, sources say a urine sample taken from Contador unveiled high levels of plastic residues, which are usually found in cases involving a blood transfusion.

Contador’s urine sample was taken July 20th, towards the end of the 2010 Tour de France. That urine sample later tested positive for clenbuterol.

As of now, Contador is suspended by the international cycling federation due to the discovery of clenbuterol in his system. A lab in Cologne, Germany, was the founder of clenbuterol and plastic residue in Contador’s blood.

When a blood transfusion takes place, it can result in a traceable amount of plastic in the blood due to the blood sitting in a plastic bag. The amount of plasticizer in Contador’s blood was eight times the normal amount.

Contador is denying the allegations against him, but if he is found…

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2011 Cinelli Strato Road Bike

2011 cinelli strato road bike   2011 Cinelli Strato Road Bike

Another color scheme of the 2011 Cinelli Strato road bike was on display at Interbike. This particular Strato features two colors of black and blue–not as flashy as the blue/white/red model.

The Cinelli 2011 Strato is a lightweight frame, running squared off down tubes and seat tubes for added stiffness. A tapered head tube has also been added, making the 2011 Strato a full on dedicated race bike.

Upon ordering, you can request the black/blue color way of the 2011 Strato. You will receive a matching Ram 2 integrated handlebar and Ram seat post with your setup.

Sizes available are XS, S, M, L, XL.

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2011 Fuji Supreme 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 Womens Road Bike

2011 fuji supreme 1 0 2 0 3 0 womens road bike   2011 Fuji Supreme 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 Womens Road Bike

The Fuji Supreme women’s road bike was pulled off the market last year, but will reappear in 2011.

The 2011 Fuji Supreme features three models, 1.0, 2.0, and 3.0. Fuji said the reason they pulled the Supreme was because women racers were preferring the SL1, since the Supreme wasn’t as light.

Fuji took what they learned from the SST model and applied it to the 2011 Fuji Supreme. Both the 2011 Supreme and SST use the same fork, downtube technology and chainstays known as ribbed technology. This is were a sheet of carbon fiber is running from the top and bottom of the tubing. Overall this makes the Supreme lighter and stiffer.

It is no secret that women require different geometries then men. The 2011 Supreme satisfies the women cycling market with shorter top tubes, lower handlebar height, and a shorter headtube.

Each of the Fuji Supremes feature…

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2011 Trek Madone 5 Series

2011 trek madone 5 series   2011 Trek Madone 5 Series

The 2011 Trek Madone 5 Series is virtually the same as last year’s series, except details on where its produced.

Along with the other Madones, the Trek Madone 5 Series is produced in the United States, but the 2011 series is produced in Asia. Because the 5 series is being produced in Asia for 2011, retailers are able to obtain them at a cheaper price, about $1,000 less for a Dura-Ace model, without sacrificing quality.

The Trek 2011 Madone 5 Series features the same round seat mast as the 6 series. This adds for a more compliant bike and reduces some weight.

Throughout the series, Trek uses TCT carbon technology. TCT will go through the whole engineering process as the OCLV carbon. The only difference is TCT is produced in facilities around the world.

Lastly, a BB90 bottom bracket is added, the widest bb on the market. With…

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